Thursday, July 24, 2014

" Ok, so the first 15 minutes are going to be a counselor only swim time."

The cracked pot chapel is always a good reminder that God uses us exactly as we are. What others might see as a weakness, God can use in beautiful ways in the world. I want to recognize my own strengths and point out the gifts that other people have.

When I was a CILT counselor I stood in the back of chapel and got to see all the Warriors and Pathfinders as they filed in. Now it's trickier because I sit up front with my girls and all of Lake is behind us. Luckily today, Lucy and Abby waited for me right after chapel finished. I've known these two for years and years and they are phenomenal young ladies. I'm a proud member of both of their fan clubs.

They're Torchbearers together this summer, they're cousins, and Lucy is signed up to be a Session 3 CILT next year. I'm not sure yet if I'll be there, but we would definitely have a blast together.

Danielle and Stella were both in my cabin this week last summer. They're Pathfinders now but I still love getting to see them.

Hm... I wonder if I could just be an honorary member of this family and be another cousin to all of these rock star girls.

Wow. Lucy Welch gave me this gigantic friendship bracelet this morning. It's insane. There have got to be like 100 strings in this pattern. I was totally blown away. I love it.

This morning was filled with more Fearless Advanced Braceleters learning to tackle the kaleidoscope, walks across Main Field with Hadley and finishing the routine with the Country Line Dancing girls.

Last night the girls made a huge painting for our cabin with Arielle and Ellyn. They each put on their handprint and then splatter painted it.

Even Annabelle got to put her handprint on their.

Wow. Our girls are so much fun this week. We're stoked to hang up this poster in our cabin.

By a unanimous request from all of our girls, we disappeared from lunch again today and left the secret Choctaw way. No one seems to have caught on yet.

I spent Lake Time buddied up with Caroline. We went out on the paddle boards, slid down the Wet Wilies and jumped off the rope swing. Our cabin got pop stop in Lake and then played Pac Man Tag on the 9 Square Court. It was one of the funniest 15 minutes of the day.

We ran into Mags. She's the best. Such a little guy.

Choctaw buddied up with Illinois girls to make up secret handshakes. Then we took them to Camp T's own version of the Trevii Fountain. Step 1: Link pinkies with your partner. Step 2: Get a lot of spit in your mouth and think about what your wish will be. Step 3: Blink three times at your partner when you know your wish. Step 4: Simultaneously spit off the Lookout Tower as you make your wish.

We hit up the Black Hole before dinner. Our girls LOVED it.

Erin and I hung out with some awesome kids before flagpole started like Hayes, Jane, Hadley, Kylie and Grace.

Thursday night hot dog picnics in Main Field are easily one of my favorite meals of the entire week.

My girls attempted to make a whole cabin pyramid. They tried three times but it never really worked out.

They all did handstands and cartwheels together. 

We met up with some other cabins to play Running Charades, Dominican Chaos and Ultimate Challenge-- three of my very favorite games.



Eel River!

I brought my speakers to the pool to turn the night swim into a party. Luke went over the rules with the kids and then announed, "Ok, so the first 15 minutes are going to be a counselor only swim time. So you guys can just sit on the bench and watch." He blew his whistle and all the counselors jumped in.

The counselor swim time only lasted about 30 seconds before we all blew our whistles to let the kids in. And don't you worry, this night swim was a total party.

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