Monday, July 7, 2014

"Science is my sport."

It was a bit damp, but we still got to have chapel in the Green Cathedral this morning. The Potter skit is an old one but such a classic. I love the lesson that even if we're made differently than the people around us, that's not a bad thing. Our differences make us unique, special and valuable. The things that make us different can be our strengths. 

The CILT Pack spends the whole first morning in the Party Room. We find out our adopted cabins, learn everyone's names, go over paper work, create and share life maps, talk about goals and expectations, think about qualities of leaders and start working on the CILT cheer.

And of course we picked out new things from the CILT jar for week 5.

We got to play outside for a little bit before lunch began. I talked to a couple brave girls and then with two CILTs Kelly and Erin. I'm excited for them to get to know their cabins this afternoon and start playing with their campers.




Daily Ellyn and Sarah pics. Special feature of daily Sarielle pic.

I went to Med Check this afternoon because I've been feeling pretty awful for a week and Mucinex and Dayquil just aren't doing the trick. Turns out I have some kind of sinus infection that's turning my cough into some kind of bronchitis thing. Double gross. So... now I have three kinds of meds from the doctor and I plan on recovering quickly.

I got back to Camp and took a walking tour of the Riv with Arielle and Smoon. We saw CILTs like Brenna, Cat and Erin with their adopted cabins. Odle apparently has a thing where she picks up Riley. Who knew?

Tanner and Jillian were in Choctaw with Ellyn and me week 9 last summer. We're so glad they're back this week and being as crazy as usual. You really can hear them screaming before you can see their cabin coming.

I'm so excited about getting to know Brenna, Kaylee and Tara even better in the next two weeks. One of the coolest parts about CILTs is that right now we don't know each other that well, but by the time this is all over we'll be so close.  Because of the camp culture, the CILT activities, intentional conversation and unavoidable fun you can't help but love this place and become best friends with the people here.

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