Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Hey guys! We found a pile of sticks."

The CILT Pack has gone nerd today thanks to the CILT Jar. Perhaps we should be called the Nerd Pack instead. We picked up 40 pairs of 3-D glasses from the movies last night so we could take our outfits to the next level. 

It's a little weird to not be wearing a wolf shirt on this Wednesday but I'm going White House Wednesday instead since it's 'Merica week.

Do good. Have fun. CILT Pack. 
Do math. Have retainers. Nerd Pack.

We've turned our free morning into Swaggy Butterfly Extreme Unicorn Zombie Day. We headed back to the OT to start our second game of Fugitive. Our 8 brave fugitives strategized while the rest of us spread out to hunt them down and attack them.

I hid in the well house with Kristyn and Colleen just waiting for someone to come by so we could sneak attack them. No one ever came our way but all the fugitives did get caught.

The Nerd Pack played 4 on a Couch in the Party Room and team Hair Up won! Then came the epic moment when the CILTs got to make their wooden name tags. Christian told me he's been dreaming of this since he was 8 years old.

Our last hour was spent having CILT blob and wet willy time up at the Richard G. The Nerd Pack is always with their adopted cabins during swim time so it was sweet to get to just play together.

Since I'm the only non-lifegaurd counselor I got to be on the blob the whole time with the campers. It was a grand time of blobbing, jumping and playing king of the mountain.

We made it back to the Riv just in time for lunch and ended the Swaggy Butterfly Extreme Unicorn Zombie time by eating on the porch overlooking the River.

Arielle, Smoon and I went up to the LV to try out the new Village game called Plunder. This is exactly how we felt as we raced into this game that we knew very little about.

There are about 20 different ships that everyone is trying to take over. You can board a ship by getting a ball in the bucket. Then you have 1 minute to assemble the necessary crew members for that specific ship.

Once a team has a ship you can get them out by hitting them with the balls dodgeball style. You hit their captain last, but if an Imperial hits the captain the ship is immediately lost to the East India Trading Company.

Luckily I know a bunch of kids in Lake this week so I got them to teach me how to play and then I used them to take back ships from the Imperials.

I did a lot of screaming and gold (aka rubber band) collecting and very little boat defending. This was good because I got to see lots of friends like Lilly, Liz, Annie, Ava, Sophie, Hallie and Amy.

I briefly played in the pool after pop stop but the afternoon flew by. Soon it was time for RFAJWD.

And I can't really tell you anything about that.  CILT Pack stuff.

Arielle and Smoon are constantly working out or keeping me entertained.

Some of the Day Camp counselors visited for a little bit and Maddy and I just happened to be twinning tonight. She's my HSE Young Life person here at camp when I'm missing that community. So thankful for her.

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