Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mini-vans, Annabelle and Mary's Mouth Wash

We got to sleep in this morning which is one of the very best parts of stay over weekends. Then the CILTies got to do their chapel for the stay over kids. They did the Fleetfoot and Running Deer skit and changed it up so that more people could be involved. 

Matt, Jenna and Shannon did a great job with the wrap up, bible verse and prayer after the skit. It was obvious that they had put a lot of thought into how to connect things.

Josiah played guitar for us and the CILT choir did a great job with all the songs.

Erin has been feeling really sick the past couple days with an awful sore throat. Right after chapel, Joel sent the two of us off to Urgent Care so she could see a doctor. Erin couldn't decide if she could ride in the front or the back. Of course she had to ride in the front so it wouldn't be awkward. We had quite the adventure navigating around Lafayette, sitting in the waiting room, talking to the doctor, waiting for prescriptions, eating lunch at Chipotle, getting Erin a smoothie, going back to CVS again, learning about one another's lives, getting back to camp, delivering the meds to the nurse and then finding the CILT Pack again. It was a quality three hours together. Really glad I'm friends with Erin.

When the CILTs got back from the school we told them to put on their most fun outfit. Brenna and I ended up matching. Shanz the rapper was really hyper.

We planned chapels in the Party Room and then had time to play Fish Bowl. It was cut throat and extremely competitive.

The game was a mix of Ellyn screaming at people that said, "Um," acting out difficult things like Ferris Beuler's Day Off and Oregon, and so many pieces of paper that said Crocs and Zach Efron.

Just in case you were wondering... CHOCTAW WON!

Then we all ate dinner in super speed motion the first half and then super slow the second half.

Annabelle takes selfies...

More unplanned twinning from Erin, Emily, Natalia and Anna. Wow.

Today was a very big day because two incredibly important people visited camp. Arielle and I grew up together and our lives were both profoundly impacted by two very special women. Heidi Olsen and Sheila Willimitis taught us so much about loving God and loving others. They were beautiful examples of what it looks like to live a life of worship, to be a servant and to love everyone you come into contact with. Even though we were just kids, they invested in our lives and believed in what we were capable of doing. They taught is that our faith was a relationship with God, that being a Christian was really cool and that we were responsible for growing spiritually. There are few people who helped shape us as much as they two did.

It was so great to see both Sheila and Heidi tonight at camp--- shared stories, life updates and a prayer for us. They came to campfire and Heidi even played the violin for all of camp just like she used to. It was so good to have them here.

Before campfire the Longhouse counselors made a quick trip back to the CILT girls' dance party room to check out the attic we noticed the other day. We found a potential new club house spot but it might be a little cramped. Annabelle picked out the final CILT jar tasks of the summer...

We have so much extra fun to have this week. We're going to go out with a bang and try to make week 6 the best one yet.

Onieda came to campfire as farmers and the sheep that scream in Taylor Swift's music video for I Knew You Were Trouble. Hilarious.

Brenna and I were twinning for the second time today-- I'd be fine being her twin every day. Maggie and Kelly are CILT partners this week in Catawba which is SO much fun.

I think Tara is a shark... but I'm not really sure. Did you know that Liz Koch's birthday is in TWO DAYS? Get ready to celebrate people.

I'm so glad that Emily, Sophie, Gianna and Paige are all working this week so I can see them when we shadow on Tuesday. They are fantastic and I love that I'm here this summer to see them as counselors. I would happily be partners with any of them or be a kid in their trail groups.

Shannon and Lucy were both loving life with their new face painted Warrior cabins. I think they'll be awesome with their new older girls. 

I suggested an opening campfire theme to Shoshone tonight and they did it! They dressed up super crazy and wacky earlier today when they went to clinic raps, dinner and the all camp picture. Then they dressed totally normal for Opening Campfire. Get it? Totally turned funny upside down and people didn't even know what they were doing.

The Longhouse counselors went to opening campfire tonight as... try to guess...

Yep, that's it. Tie dye and overall wearing, snapback loving, Crocs and socks supporting, avid snacking tailgaters. Tonight we watched and cheered on everybody else from our tailgating chairs.

Campfire was awesome and we're so excited for another great week at Tecumseh. Perhaps it'll be the best one yet.

Hanging out in the cabin at the end of the day is always one of my favorite things. I love hearing stories from the CILT girls when they get back about their new campers and how their devotions went. Tonight a bunch of them climbed on my bunk and it was such a picture of this CILT girl family. I'm so thankful I'm here.

Tonight I got a text from my good friend Allison, "Thanks for being such a huge part in my story and showing me that God isn't boring and he loves when we hang out with him just as much as when we have intentional conversation with each other. I know life is better shared and better when we actually know each other deeper than the first flaky layer of our souls." Allison is so good with words and I think she's actually taught me all of those things. I'm so thankful for her friendship even when we're far away. I want to remember those things this week: God is not boring, he wants to hang out with us, life is better shared and when we get deep with each other.

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