Friday, July 4, 2014

"Well there were three little flags in the souvenir shop. You know the kind with the stars and the stripes on top."

This morning the CILT counselors did a brand new skit for chapel that Arielle created. She played a girl who just came home from camp and got letters from her friends. Mike had been part of a championship baseball game, Smooney had been on a cruise to exciting places and Sarah had been hanging out with a lot of cool girls and making more plans for the rest of the summer. The letters left Arielle feeling insignificant and like she didn't measure up to everyone else.

Then Arielle found that she had one more letter, this one was from God. His letter said, "Arielle, Take what you think defines you, leave it behind and let me define you instead. Trust me. I love you. God."

His message reshaped the way Arielle saw herself and what she thought about her own life. God wants each of us to know that the labels and identities we have in the world aren't what God sees. He says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that his love is where we find our worth and identity. 

The CILT Pack spent the morning in the Party Room writing the lyrics for their graduation song. They changed the words to Viva La Vida and it's pretty phenomenal. Together they did an awesome job.

It's crazy to think that we're in our final full day together. This group will be missed for sure.

We got their song recorded in time to go outside to take CILT girl photos and play with kids one last time.

In final one on ones this morning, so many girls talked about how they didn't expect to get so close to the other CILTs. They knew they would make friends here but didn't realize these people would become like family.

Because of this shared experience and everything they've learned, these new CILT friends really do know one another better than most people at home.

Of course Smoon, Arielle and I didn't want to miss out on the photo shoot opportunity. We love the Longhouse. We love America. We love climbing trees. We love the 4th of July. We love our friends. We love this camp life. We love the CILTing dream.

Can you guess what our theme night was tonight? Yep, you're right. 'MERICA. Fitting, seeing as how it's the 4th of July.

All of camp was a see of red, white and blue. I'm so thankful that 'Merica has awesome colors.

Flagpole is easily one of my least favorite parts of the day, but tonight it was fantastic.

The CILTs kicked things off with a little Party In The USA. Then we heard an American version of the Burrito. "Heeeey USA. Hey, Hey, Hey USA. Mhmmm yeah America yeah. Liberty Bell, Liberty Bell. 13 colonies, 50 states." Then we put a twist on the 3 Little Muffins, "Well there were 3 little flags in the souvenir shop. You know the kind with the stars and the stripes on top. Along came Uncle Sam with a penny to spare, he bought himself a flag and he walked out of there."

Such fun Day Camp counselors worked this past week. This is also the start of saying good-bye to them as they finish up their weeks. A handful of them won't be back for the rest of the summer.

I've loved playing with Reece these past two weeks. She's a rock star and makes Camp so much fun.

It was a patriotic party in the Party Room tonight. We sang Proud To Be An American and Party In The USA between bites of our burgers.

I started this fun rock during trading post time. I kind of really like turning random things like rocks and sticks into games and compliments. Camp is the perfect environment for something like this to be successful.

Tonight during Trading Post time we ran around playing with the CILTies, little kids and all of the counselors. These nights are the best.

Blaine is a Brave and she's awesome. Molly is a Brave counselor and she's awesome too. Camp is just full of awesome friends.

Sarah and Ellyn's daily picture featuring some pet rocks.

Step clinic is one of the best things to ever happen to clinics at Tecumseh. I love their performances every week.

We brought all the CILTs back to the Longhouse porch to practice their graduation song before the horse parade came by.

Ellyn gave them all a pep talk about being loud and energetic. She can motivate people to do anything.

These porch party rehearsals have become one of my favorite things because all the CILTs are singing so loud and dancing around and just loving Camp T.

I'm still loving these pictures that Ben takes every week as he passes the Longhouse on Friday nights just before the horse parade comes by. He rocks at life and taking pictures. 

Smoon and I walked to campfire amidst some of our favorite pathfinders like Devon, Lexie and Hallie.

Four of my favorite people at Camp Tecumseh: Grace, Sophie, Smooncat and Kat. Smoon has been with me for years and I don't know what I'd do without her. The DC girls were all my CILTs last summer and have become such good friends and main characters in my life.

We jumped right in with all the CILTs for campfire tonight.

Soon enough we got to do the Session 2 cheer on stage one last time.

Then it was time for the CILT graduation. We called our kids up one by one and then it was time for their song.

When it's time for them to sing the song they wrote this morning, the counselors run to the back and watch like proud parents. After two weeks with them, we love this little Session 2 family. 

Session 2- Viva La Vida

We used to roam Camp T
Pathfinders we used to be
Now we've got our teal CILT hats
And we're taking River back

Nursing home, ice cream
Night chapel and team bonding
Took way too long and we wanted to sleep 

One second I was a brave
Learning about how Jesus saves
8 years later I'm in training
Learning how to lead and how to teach

Battle wounds from 12 foot wall
Spoons up so we let no one fall
Be my friends, my sisters and brothers
CILT Pack family is like no other

For some reason I can't explain
Once you're a CILT you're never the same
Never an unkind word
Because camp taught us to be 3rd

It was the wonderful wild kids
Never gave us time to sit
Packed schedules and away lunches
Hooray for us, hooray for kids

Watching fireworks explode
Hiding from raccoons across the road
Watch out for the pillow pets
Oh we don't ever want to forget

I hear the hopper bell ringing
And the flag pole people singing
Be my rock, my sword, my shield
Playing with campers in Main Field

For some reason I can't explain
71 forks, 10 PBJs
Planning chapel is hard
Star gazing and sick in the dark

Woooaaahhh Session 2

Hear the Brova boys singing
See-ee Evan Johnson whisking
Spending time with adopted cabins
Won't forget the fun we're having

For some reason I can't explain
Once you're a CILT you're never the same
Never make us leave
This camp is home to me

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