Monday, January 26, 2015

"Honestly, I do not understand why we are not friends with Taylor Swift." Leader Club

Last week Ryan and I brainstormed ideas for tonight's Club. Originally it was going to be "no theme" club, but after coming up with a couple games it was clear that we were having Leader Club. We invited kids to come dressed up as any of the HSE YL leaders. When I came down from leadership I spotted some look-a-likes right away. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm the easiest person to impersonate-- I've got very specific things that I love so it's not too difficult to dress up like Sarah Wright. I loved seeing which things girls thought to wear to be me tonight. Hannah brought back the potholder headband, Blaire and Leah went with spirit jerseys and neon hats and Kait and Anne had the Patagonia and socks with Sperrys.


Julia totally nailed my Camp Tecumseh look and I taught her how to tie her FBC sweatshirt like counselors do. Brigitte came dressed up like Janette in her pajama pants and rain boots.

Haleigh and I counted our matching shirts once and came up with nearly 20 matching items. Tonight we both had YL tshirts and our Birkenstocks with sandals. I knew that Natty B was going to show up like Ryan tonight but it was perfect timing that she walked in once the music had already begun. She seamlessly took her spot beside him and strummed right along.

Hannah was so smart to bring along her backpack, hair clip and Camelbak water bottle to be me. I loved how Es and Nat came dressed as Abby--pregnant and new mother versions of her. I love how much these friends care about one another.

The first game was a Find Your Leader Hunt. We had an unprecedented 14 leaders at Club tonight and we all snuck away and hid in different spots in the barn. With a partner, the kids raced all over the place to find us and get our autographs. I was perched on top of the washer and dryer in a back room and had so much fun as kids ran in and out.

Next we called up kids and gave them noise makers for a Guess Your Leader game. Alyssa got a water bottle with pennies inside, Anne got a pot and spoon, Bgrad had a pillow, Kendall got a dustbuster and Brett got a basketball. For each round Ryan read off the 3 facts and then the kids buzzed in to try to win the point.

Can you guess the leaders? (all facts were created by Ryan)

Leader #1
1. Loves his Hoosiers
2. Would be a tx collector if he lived in biblical times, except people would really like him because he's great
3. Successfully led a 79-hour cabin time at camp last summer

Leader #2
1. Is clinically addicted to Diet Coke
2. Loves Jesus and loathes animals with all her heart
3. Has wrists that have never seen the light of day

Leader #3
1. Was a first time leader at Sharp Top Cove last summer and lived to tell the tale
2. Used to own a coffee shop on Olio that was the site for campaigners in 2007
3. Has a name that rhymes with Zeesa Quitchell

Leader #4
1. Survives off McDonald's ice cream cones and dance parties
2. Probably farts a lot in her van and then kind of scoops it up to smell it
3. Say, "You do you, Jesus" or "What are you doing?" every 17 seconds

Leader #5
1. Loved to awkwardly slow dance to Boyz II Men songs in HS (sometimes with a girl)
2. Can't help looking at his hair, which, gosh, looks good
3. Is the real life Andy Bernard

Leader #6
1. Had a soccer ball smash into her face at YL a month ago or so and immediately responded by forgiving the offender because that's what Jesus would do
2. Is paid to spend her working house with a room full of 6-year-olds with weak bladders
3. Has dazzling, crystal-clear Disney princess sized eyeballs

Leader #7
1. Knows everyone in Fishers
2. Is 90% likely to be sweatier than any human should be after YL
3. Dreams of cappuccinos

Leader #8
1. Can be found driving around a clown car full of children, 2 of whom might actually be hers
2. Is probably going to cry tonight (or cried on the way here)
3. Will take whatever object you just threw away home with her because she might need a half-used mustard packet one day

Leader #9
1. Keeps track of all the "hurdles" in her "field"
2. Owns a canine with the same name as Tom Cruise's character's name in Top Gun
3. Was a nationally ranked ballroom dancer in college (and we're not even making that up)

Leader #10
1. Graduated from HSE and then went to Purdue for some reason
2. Is obsessed with "The Bachelor" and doesn't sing enough at YL
3. Didn't find out she is a blood relative of Abby Back's until months after they both became YL leaders

Leader #11
1. Was in YL in HS and went to Castaway
2. Has a pit bull who looks like he could eat your face off but never would because he's really just a big sweetheart
3. Loves her church (iTown) almost as much as she loves Jesus and you

1. JD Harrison
2. Sarah Wright
3. Lisa Mitchell
4. KCraig
5. Ryan Ahlwardt
6. Abby Back
7. Hip-Hip- JORGE!
8. Molly Cooper
9. Alex Kocher
10. Jackie Renick
11. Jeanette George

Kieth Bowman, committee member and father of Molly and Abby, gave our Club Talk tonight and walked us through Psalm 23. "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

It was sweet to have the opportunity to hear from someone that has followed Christ for so long and has such a heart for this ministry. 

Then instead of small groups, we had about 10 minutes of prayer time and kids were invited to go on their own or to connect with some friends to pray together. I circled up with a group of about 10 girls and it was really, really cool. One person would share a prayer request and then someone else would say, "I've got that." We'd all bow our heads and that one person would pray aloud for their friends request. Then someone else would share a prayer request. I loved not just praying for these things, but having the opportunity to so literally take the prayers of our friends.

Tonight was such a beautiful picture of what a family we are. I love that Abby brought baby Lucy and that she's just like a cousin or little sister to Natty B and Nat Rat and everyone. I love how much KCraig loves Alyssa, how Jackie had just taken her old cabin of girls to dinner and the way Mike and Lauren are already part of this family after just a couple weeks.


We gathered all the "Sarah Wrights" before everyone headed home for the night. Wow I love these girls.
Can you spy all of these things: 3 Patagonias, 2 pony braids, 1 FBC sweatshirt, 2 spirit jerseys, 2 neon hats, 4 best friend necklaces, a potholder headband, one backpack, 3 hair clips and 5 Sarah Wright smiles.

I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for HSE Young Life, Monday nights together at the Barn, friendships that continue to grow and Clubs when we just get to have so much fun together.

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