Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Some say they're the deadliest son and mother duo since Jesus and the Virgin Mary."

If you've yet to see twin sisters Abby and Sarah perform their Sam Smith medley on the Ellen show then you  should probably take 5 minutes and do that right now. 

The question is, how do we get them to come be Braves this summer at Tecumseh? They can teach River Village guitar clinic and perform at Closing Campfire. 

If you know me very well you know there is a rhythm to my weeks. Monday Young Life, #tecumsehtuesday, No Pants Wednesday, FBC on Thursday, jeans and blue on Fridays. 

FBC today was fun as always. I love that Grace and Sydney come consistently and that they'll both be in FBC next year if I do end up going to Fall Creek. Syd is the official DJ and she happily runs around the room turning on the projector, dimming the lights, checking the volume and finding the next song. 

I sat with a table of 8th grade girls today as we worked. They each pulled out a bracelet they'd been working on, art boxes and plastic bags bursting with strings, patterns on their phones and patterns printed out. They are friendship braceleters to the extreme.

For the first time ever, I attended the Mr. Royal Pageant at the HS tonight. Oh my goodness. It was one of the best things I've ever seen. My sorority ran an event called Mr. Dutch in college that was the same concept, but this knocked it out of the park. I showed up with Julia, Audrey, KCraig, Conner and Jess-- ready to cheer on all the YL kids in the show. 

Bgrad, Brannt, Tristan, Huffer, Drew Notar Donato, Kyle Sams and a few of my old students were some of the Senior guys competing for the title of Mr. Royal. Hannah Conrad, Madi and Jessica were the hosts of the night. Chad Davis was running production behind the scenes. Abby Martin, Danny Tully and more of the YL guys got to help out with talents. Just so many familiar faces.

The show opened with a 90s choreographed mash-up that was one of the best dances I've ever seen. You could tell many hours had been put into practicing this dance that the 18 guys had learned. I hated that there were so many people I wanted to watch and I couldn't focus on more than one at a time. It was my favorite part of the show.

Highlights of the talent portion included a brass instrumental Disney medley, Fresh Prince of Bel Air HSE style, Piano Man complete with piano and harmonica and HSE lyrics, reenactment of the Jingle Bell Rock scene of mean girls, a native South African tribal dance, Evolution of Dance and stand up comedy. They had a 90s strut, a formal wear Q and A and then all the contestants came back out to find out the winner.

While the judges decided we got to watch more talented HSE kids perform. Hannah and Natty B were part of a group of girls that did the pool mash-up from Pitch Perfect, Jessica Paris did a duet of You and I and the Fusion Dance team did one of their competition routines. So much talent.

Brannt won Mr. Dance, Tristan tied for Mr. Spirit and we couldn't be more proud of the rest of our guys. It was a phenomenal night.

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