Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meet Taylor Swift and Kelle Hampton, write a Friendship Bracelet Book and take two trips to Castaway #2015goals

From 2014 to 2015 in just two days:

1. Coffee and Top 10 Lists with Seniors Hannah Conrad and Cassidy--they've been two of the main characters in my life the past semester and I'm such a fan of them

2. Dinner date with Sarah and Ben Battaglia-- I love when they come to town

3. My 6th Annual Houghton Family and Friend NYE Party-- so many of our favorite YL friends gather at the Houghton's for buffalo chicken dip, Jon's famous questions, sword fights, Headz Up and Family, flying children and handstands at midnight

4. 2014 Trends-- One of my favorite yearly traditions is to all come up with the popular phrases, apps, events, people and trends of the last year. What else would you add?

5. Coffee date with Maggie and Chloe-- I'm so glad Chloe asked me if we could get together to talk so I could get to know these two better. We had such a good conversation this morning that we just didn't want to leave the table.

6. Reunion with Emily Westcott, Kayla and Mac-- I got to be their YL leader their Senior year at Carmel and I'm so thankful that we continue to see each other when they're back from college

7. Arcading with Katy P-- When I told her she could do anything she wanted today she suggested arcading. She knows all the best games, how to get 50 tickets at once and the glorious value of candy bracelets

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