Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Miss Wright will you buy my mix tape? It's so fire."

Highs of the Day

1. No Pants Wednesday! After 4 years of NPW Colleen, Emel and I are all still celebrating and it's not uncommon to see other teachers and students participating.

2. Brainstorming a totally original club with Ryan for Monday. I'm pumped about our theme and the games we brainstormed. Now I can't wait for next week. 

3. Using up a gift card with Katy P after school and talking about her Ted Project. We're really good at devouring food like spinach artichoke dip and mozzarella sticks. 

4. Looking up and seeing Brooke Broecker standing beside me at dinner and then getting to talk to her and Quincey. 

5. Hanging out with KCraig, Alex, Jesse, Mrs. Hartman and Mrs. Vigren in the stands at the 8th grade girls basketball game.

6. Being an honorary cheerleader with KCraig and our homies on the cheer team. Next time we'd like our own bows and pom poms.

7. Being a YL leader. It's an honor, a gift, a privilege to get to walk through life with the kids I've gotten to know. Sometimes it's really difficult, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Loving these kids continually teaches me more about humility, sacrifice, unconditional love and being more like Christ. I'm not always perfect or close to it, but God keeps refining me as I show up to love others.

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