Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Sam predicted it. He's thinking about becoming a fortune teller. He'd have a crystal ball with wolves inside."

Patachou has been one of my favorite breakfast spots since I moved to Indy because of their heavenly cinnamon toast. Lucky me, I got to share my morning with the one and only Alli Kenney. I loved our camp and Tecumseh conversation today and how thoughtful she always is. 

More Storyline quotes made it on my latest crafts and will soon be in the hands of great friends.

I got to be part of a birthday caper this afternoon for Natty B. Lauren and Hannah organized a whole day of fun and surprises for Nat that started at Which Wich. These two nearly had a heart attack while we waited with the Magers and Molly for the birthday girl to arrive with her boyfriend.

Natalie was shocked and confused when she walked in to find us all sitting there. She got a birthday girl button and a free lunch to start things off. I gifted her a Goodwill starter pack of a few things I knew she'd just love. A Will Smith windbreaker...

teacher-to-be sweater, and a beautiful 80s prom dress. I know that if anyone can wear these outfits well it's this girl.

Stop #2 took us to Uncle Bill's so Natty could hold a beagle. Even though animals aren't on my list of favorite things I still ended up holding a cat and puppy too.

Beethoven was spastic and jumped on and basically hugged everyone he could get close to. Nat was in 7th heaven. The birthday crew headed off to ice cream and Sky Zone but I had to leave to go to Wyld Life.

Our first Young Life event of 2015, our Wyld Life family met at the barn for Dance Party Club. I was so excited to see these 7th grade homies tonight.

Hannah and Haleigh have been two of the girls I've been doing YL with since day 1 in Fishers. They're two great friends of mine and getting to lead Wyld Life with them is always fun. My girl Syd is a rock star and I can't tell you how much I miss seeing her in 4th period every day. Thankfully she stops by my classroom multiple times a day. 

This crew of HS Wyld Life leaders consistently shows up for every Club and every Campaigners. They've grown a massive amount in their faith, maturity and leadership in the past year. I'm proud of them.

Oh my gosh. Maddie, Carly, Cecilia and Natty are wyld. They're the kind of girls that know how to get a dance party started and they go hard until they're sweating and their ponytails have fallen out.

We had a blast tonight with this whole crew of Wyld Life leaders and kids. I'm continually thankful for new faces and old friends every time we meet. My hope is always that kids will feel welcome when they walk in, know that they are loved and that they learn a little more about Christ.

Six brave competitors competed in a cold feet game tonight to retrieve marbles from buckets of ice water using only their toes.

Then 7 kids came up front to play blindfolded dancing musical chairs. They had to dance as the music played and then try to find a chair (which were moving around) to avoid elimination. Julia Washburn came out victorious.

Then we had a throw down dance party. The kind when every person in the room is dancing and singing. It was one of those dance parties that no one wanted to end and there may have been a little crowd surfing going on too.

Connor gave the Club Talk tonight which was so great. He shared about God's love for us and how it's not something that we have to earn or find. It's a gift. He told us that God loves us so much that he sent his only son to die for us and that love changes everything. Nothing we do can ever change that love.

Our hope is to introduce kids to a life with Christ that will be about a relationship with God. We want to love them unconditionally, or the best that we can. We want these kids to live life to the full together and to have a space where they feel safe to really be themselves.

Tonight I think we did that well. God wants to partner with us as we pursue our passions and Wyld Life is a beautiful picture of that partnership.

Next many of the Wyld Life leaders headed to Natty B's house to rejoin the birthday party. Their was surprise party at her house that we got to join. I was thrilled to see people like Sherisa, Lauryn Davidson, Isa, Erin Vanmeter, Cassidy and Maggie Tully.

Natty's cake had her baby picture iced on and everyone got to take a selfie with it. We played Just Dance, looked at freshmen homecoming pics and enjoyed the cheese fountain.

So thankful for Natalie and the fun, creative, big-dreaming, quirky, loyal friend that she is.

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