Sunday, January 11, 2015

"I want you all to know you're the most beautiful and ethnically diverse people I've ever seen in one room and you should be really proud of that."

When you can't have an official Quilt Camp weekend you have your own at home. After coming with me to Christmas Quilt Camp twice, it was time for Julia to make her own quilt. So today I got to help as the Dewolf women, Janelle, Julia and Lucy, made one of their own. I came over early to find them cutting all of the fabrics and we started grouping the patterns to make blocks. 

I left to go to Northview with Molly Henry and Hannah Conrad. They're both regular church-going friends of mine and I love that faith is part of our friendships. I also love that they're both so silly and goofy.

When I got back to the Dewolf's we were in the midst of sewing together all of the blocks. I cut out the squares and then we arranged them in just the perfect pattern on the floor. Julia's a perfectionist and it's safe to say the quilt is one she will love.

The blocks and rows went together quickly-- I pinned, Janelle sewed and Julia ironed. Soon the top was finished and looked perfect on Julia's bed.

There was enough extra fabric that we had to keep on quilting on. I squared all the pieces up again and Julia laid them out in a new configuration. Janelle sewed the rows together again and voila-- a lap quilt!

Two quilts in one day isn't bad at all.

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