Friday, January 9, 2015

"Sometimes I try to sniff up my farts so no one else will smell them."

Back at school means we're back to Friday morning bible studies. After 2 hour delays and a snow day it was a little rough waking up before 6am. But I'm thankful for this time with these girls and can't believe they only have a semester left of Junior High. 

Because FBC couldn't happen with the snow day yesterday, we had a special edition of FBC today after school. My friend and co-counselor Ellyn showed up to hang out since she hasn't gone back to IU yet. We played C'mon 6 and I got marker all over my hand while trying to win. I love that this game always involves lots of screaming and pouncing across the circle. 

These girls were extra loud and hyper today. I'm glad Ellyn got to meet Olivia, Sarah, Hannah, Soph, Sarah, Cami, Cecilia, Jules, Maddie, Elise and Maggie. We played games, sang too loud, pretended to work on bracelets and told stories.

These girls have become the main characters of HSJH to me. I love Cami's heart, her love of No Pants Wednesday and how she's always up for something. Cecilia, the old hag, and I are both proud members of Fratagonia and match without even trying.

Ellyn and I are ready for a threepeat summer in Choctaw Cabin. Today we did teachery things and talked about the future of the Choctaw Orphanage. There is no one else like Ellyn.

Tonight I traveled South to visit my friend Allison, her husband Matt and their friend Nick. Recently married, Al and Matt have the cutest little apartment and are so domestic and fun. These are such good people.

We played the nicest game of Settler's of Catan ever, listened to good music, ate delicious pizza and laughed a lot. I'm so thankful for Allison and her long time friendship. She teaches me more about living graciously, fully and with Christ at the center.

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