Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A collection of things that are really fun

Oh. My. Goodness. Sophie Grace, of Sophie Grace and Rosie on Ellen, has released the best rap video of 2015 thus far. Perhaps this will be the next Friday? With scenes jumping on the bed, running through a toy store and storming a dress up room you'll want to be Best Friends with her too. 

I got two inches cut off my hair today. The regular person might not be able to tell the difference but I can.

Molly has been staying with a family friend the past couple days while her parents are out of town so Molls and Annie joined Odle and I for a Qdoba date tonight. Usually avid-Chipotle fans, we were just really feeling the queso and couldn't resist. Tonight was a really good one talking about our plans to meet Taylor Swift, our thoughts on Tecumseh, figuring out the times when Annie and I have crossed paths and how Odle is basically becoming Olivia Pope.

Two years ago, with the help of some creative friends, we wrote a set of Tecumseh Commandments. They showed up on my Time Hop today and I loved reading back through all of them. For the whole list check out the link.

Ellen is one of my very favorite shows because of the dancing, fun, laughter and elevation of kindness. This week she surprised the DGs at Butler and they flipped. I don't actually know anyone in the chapter but it feels really cool since it happened in Indy. Here's the video.

In 2011 a group of camp girls started a movement to get Taylor Swift to come to Camp Tecumseh. We created a website and twitter to try to catch her attention. It didn't end up working.... but it was fun to reminisce about tonight at dinner.

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