Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Tweeting.. is that like Twitter? I deleted my Facebook after I got a wedding invitation online."

Sometimes when I tell people that I teach in a Junior High they think I'm crazy. At the same time, I couldn't do their jobs. I'd struggle crunching numbers at a desk all day, teaching kindergarten, giving medical advice to patients or calling plays for a basketball team. Junior High is crazy, but it's my kind of crazy. 

I made up today's FBC game on the fly. Three teams competed in a variety of challenges like a full team wheelbarrow race and a race to unroll a huge spool of string. The grand finale was my favorite to watch-- each team had to complete a total of 50 cartwheels with only one person spinning and pinwheeling at a time. Their mathematician kept track of the cartwheels and picked the order of flipping girls and the whole room was a mess of screaming, almost-colliding, dizzy little girls. It was a circus and I loved it.

Then while Sydney played a collection of Taylor Swift songs over the speakers I helped Maggie and Elise start their Tanzania bracelets-- 20 strings that become an intricate double helix. It's crazy intense and they did a great job.

FBC won't be the same without the army of awesome 8th graders that have been with me for two years. Maybe some of them will still come back to help from week to week.

I got to have a reunion dinner of sorts tonight with Alana, Kaylee, Kaitlyn and Genna. Genna, who I'm going to start calling Genny, picked Olive Garden because those bread sticks are her kryptonite but too good to pass up. These girls make me laugh and I had so much fun talking with them and catching up with Alana and Kaitlyn tonight. I like that they insist on doing highs and lows, Alana eats dairy even though it makes her sick and they avoid going home for as long as possible.

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