Friday, June 12, 2015

"Almost everyone I love is in one room."

I love how every day at camp starts with chapel in the Green Cathedral. This morning we started with the star bellied sneeches. 

Lauren Johnson is such a rock star-- Brunner and I are in her fan club.

Thank goodness for Amanda, Katherine and Alli-- these people add to the magic of Tecumseh.

Once a session the CILTs go visit the nursing home in Delphi to talk with residents and share some camp songs with them. I love seeing familiar faces-- especially my favorite gal Ruth. Today Ruth and I chit-chatted outside on the patio while she waited for her son to come visit.

I love seeing our kids upfront leading songs like they've seen counselors do for years.

DAY CAMP CAME TO THE RIV FOR LUNCH! These counselors are just my favorite people--almost all of them have been my campers in the last two years and they've got such a big part of my heart.

Like every single one of these people is a total rock star. Camp Tecumseh really does have the best counselors.

This is what a party crew looks like.

The Johnson twins, the O'Awesome twins and the Happ twins.  (p.s. I miss you Smooney)

MY KEEP EXPLORING FLAG CAME! I've been waiting in anticipation and it's finally here-- now just to figure out where to hang it.

Tonight's Friday night dinner theme was "Movie and Book Characters." I got Ellyn to dress up like Zony and Yony, twins that dance on the Ellen show, with me. I think we nailed their image and even mastered some of their dance moves too. Noone but Molly Henry knew who we were right away, but we're still really proud of the look.


I love getting to live life with Ellyn-- she's the kookiest. 

There was a huge thunderstorm going on outside so after we finished eating we got to have the dance party that lasted forever. That's always a good thing in my book.

Choctaw cabin rocks-- Ellyn and I love living with Kaya, Olivia, Rachel, Ellyn, Cati, Annie, Taryn, Arinna and Jill this session. 

I spy Rachel and Liz being friends right in the middle of all the chaos. They're precious.

The CILTs sat down in the Party Room so that we could watch Tumbling clinic perform. We make a pretty enthusiastic audience.

Finally the rain cleared and we made it outside for Trading Post and performances from drama and hip hop.

We had a reverse horse parade from Irving the Indian up to Kampen for Closing Campfire. I was happy to walk up with Audrey and Lucy and their cabin.

Week 1 ended up having both of their campfires inside this week. We still had a great time but hopefully the weather will improve this summer.

Campfire highlights included: high energy brazilian dance, an awesome LV hip hop performance, a jaw dropping rendition of Son of Man from RV show choir, Shhhhh/AAAAA/k! Your Foot from the CILT counselors and having all of the Day Camp staff in the audience.

I can hardly believe it's already the end of week 1. It's been an adventure for sure.

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