Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Oh, that's your retainer? Can I try it on?"

Saturday morning chapel was led by Joel the scientist. He talked to us about keeping our joy from camp and sharing it with people when we go back home again. 

Han got back from Europe yesterday and is leaving for her lake in just a few days. She decided to drive up to meet me in Lafayette for dinner. WE WERE SO EXCITED TO SEE EACH OTHER. She brought me prizes from Europe, we got to share stories from the past two weeks and just be friends like normal.

Then when I got back to camp SARAH MOONEY ARRIVED! She's taking vacation to work next week and taking opportunities to eat pizza and do all sorts of crazy fun things.

We're thrilled to be reunited with our pal Smoon in real life for the whole week. She's in River Village too and after being a CILT counselor for two years she gets to have CILTs adopt her cabin.

I was off this weekend but was still at camp for most of the time. Love my pal Maggie Drake.

So thankful for Nikki and her wise soul. Next time I need advice, I'm calling this girl up. I'm such a fan of Annie Leonard and love that she'll walk up to me, stuff a handful of marshmallows in her mouth and then walk away laughing.

The CILTs planned their chapel for tomorrow... It's going to be awesome.

Harper was walking around with Scott and Sara and I got her to try on my backpack. We buckled her all in and she loved it for a few seconds before it got really heavy. She's a doll.

 Tonight we did a devotion about friendship and I loved having Smooney here to lead it.  We used a post from Shauna Niequist too, "It doesn’t matter how much you love someone. What matters is that they know it. So let’s do it: who are you going to show love to today? Text, email, phone call, love letter. What would being good at being a friend look like in your life today?" We talked about how we can be a good friend during CILTs and then wrote love tanks to a few friends that we want to be friends with in week two. 

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