Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Oh my gosh, tell her I'm literally peeing my bunk right now. I love her so much and I just want to sit on her lap."

The CILTies shadowed clinics this morning. It's really the only day out of the whole two weeks that we really get to overlap with the rest of resident camp. I love getting to see the rest of the counselors and campers for the first two periods as I wander all over River Village finding different clinics. 

FAB, aka Fearless Advanced Braceleters, is one of my favorite and a clinic I usually teach at the end of the summer.

Liz got a mask made of just her nose.

At Farm Discovery we got to hold the new baby bunnies. Seriously, they're so dang cute.

We got to see some Navy Seals in training and some kids who just moved up to the blue band swim level.

Molly's niece Reagan is here for two whole weeks which is really fun. Molly's one of the best aunts I know.

I got so excited whenever I see these CILTies. Even just walking back across Main Field with them is really fun.

We talked about Level 1 and Level 2 skills and then played Psychiatrist on the porch. This porch is my favorite home base.

After clinics end everyone hangs out before lunch, it's kind of like passing period at HSJH when you get to see all your friends before the next thing starts. I'm so glad that Amanda and Emma are both on resident staff this summer.

Natalie is a CILT this session and I'm so glad I get to be one of her counselors. She's so sweet and kind and really funny. I like being her friend. Amanda and Evelyn were both in my staff training cabin and then they became partners-- they're adorable.

The CILTs ate lunch Great Banquet style with our tables in one long row. It was the first grilled cheese day of the summer and people were hype. We refilled the grilled cheese and tater tots constantly until the kitchen ran out of them both.

This afternoon we headed to the lake with the Blazers and Braves for swim time. What could be a chaotic and unorganized madhouse is actually quite the well oiled machine. The Richard G just keeps getting better and better every summer. The new bracelet check-in system for the blobs helped so much last summer. Now we're obsessed with the new boat house which is HUGE and ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT.

I love when campers do their buddy checks on land when they're not even checked in to an area.

My favorite thing to watch is all the CILTs with their campers in the shallow end. Somehow it just never gets boring-- sand castles, clay balls, mud facials, races, shell searching...

Later this afternoon the Blazers had their unit game-- 4 quadrant Capture the Flag mixed with Cake Head. I just got to see the messy ending and I was impressed. 

Thursday nights mean the River Village cook out. After filling up juice for everyone, I ate dinner with Oneida and got to talk with Maggie Morris for awhile. I'm such a fan of her and love getting to know her better.

Oneida girls are awesome this week. They're just so much fun all of the time.

The CILTs came back to the Longhouse after Trading Post so we could play together the rest of the night. We planned songs for the nursing home tomorrow.

Walked out to the OT with a quick pit stop at the Wright Way.

Explained the rules for Fugitive at the DC picnic site.

Picked out the Fugitives-- John, Alex, Maddie, Livy, Riley, Riley, Alli, Matt Jones and me. We quickly devised a strategy and then sprinted off in hopes of making it back to one of the safe zones.

Maddie came with me to run the perimeter of camp. Livy met up with us in the woods after her partners got caught. We made it safely all the way past my old house before we were spotted. Andrew chased down both Maddie and I even after we tried to weave through the woods. Livy ended up getting a left from a Day Camp parent family and made it safely to Irving. Meanwhile on the other side of camp, Alex made it back to the Longhouse porch. 

We played CILT Dominican Chaos in Main Field which was just hilarious and amazing. I love these kids.

ABNAKI girls rock and love Liz Koch.

BROVA boys are sweaty and show their love for Tim by moving his bed.

CHOCTAW girls are phenomenal and make Ellyn and I so happy.

HOPI girls are so silly and know that Alli is a rock star.

For devotions tonight we did a Prayer Walk that I got to do with my Wyld Life team back in January. I wasn't sure how it would translate to camp, but I think it worked out so well for this group. They went through 7 different stations and I was so impressed by how seriously they took it. Getting to watch them pray and soak it all up and then talk about it afterwards was one of the best parts of my day.

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  1. I think that Evelyn in your blog must be the friend of my waitress Erin , last night in Shipshewana