Sunday, June 14, 2015

"They were commentaring during campfire and they weren't including me."

WEEK 2 CILT JAR HYPE! Can't wait to accomplish these tasks. 

This afternoon while the rest of CILTs was greeting their new campers, the CILTs planned out their devotions for tonight. There are few things more precious in this world than a table of teenage boys reading through their bibles together.

The CILTs lead the JOY devotion, which they're familiar with, but they do something to put a creative spin on it.  One of their ideas was to come up with secret I'm 3rd challenges for each kid. Once they accomplish the task they go tell their CILT and then get another one.

There was a mishap with some CILT binders and a flood.... It all culminated in Alli and I aggressively throwing the drowned binders into the dumpster. We feel better about it now.

Mid-session, stuck inside, plenty of Diet Coke and 40 teenagers results in chaos and being real slap happy. Living that CILT dream.

The CILT counselors went to Opening Campfire as FitBits tonight. We lost Molly, Allison and Brad but now we've got Sam, Gianna and Joey for the rest of Session 1. I don't have my own FitBit but I really want one so I can be part of all these step competitions. 

I really, really love Erin O'Awesome and Molly. The Riv wouldn't be the same without them.

I'm so glad that Brenna is a DC counselor and I love having Jill in Choctaw this session. SOPHIE IS BACK!

CECILIA THE OLD HAG HAS ARRIVED! We have finally coordinated our time at Tecumseh because we've missed each other the last two summers. AND SARAH LATONA IS FINALLY HERE! OH MY GOSH WE LOVE THIS CHILD.

 MAY MAY IS BACK AGAIN! Kat and Emily were with me in Choctaw two summers ago and this is their second summer as Day Camp counselors. I love these friends.

We might have lost the Braves and Blazers from last week, but Fishers is still representing at Camp this week. Lauren, Lucy, Cecilia, Ellie and I are all so HSE strong.

Closing Campfire was great-- the CILT counselors were cracking up the whole time on the back bench. We're pumped about week 2 with this group of CILTs because the fun goes up 200% as time goes on.

For the first and only time this summer, THE LONGEST BUNK BED SLEEPOVER!

The girls asked if they can just keep their beds like this. Doubtful, but I appreciate their enthusiasm.

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