Monday, June 1, 2015

"I take two baths a day at home. One in the morning, one at night, then one in the afternoon if I'm cold. Ask my mom." -David Z

Ain't no party like a breakfast flagpole party... Honestly it's not my favorite thing, but today was pretty entertaining. 

We finally got to have chapel outside this morning at the Kettlehut Chapel. I'm thankful for singing songs like Everyday again--- and isn't it so cool how every day at camp really is focused on God? I love that about our culture.

Michael Brandwein came and spoke to us all day-- Ellyn made sure we got our daily pic with him after one of his sessions. This guy is a genius and I'm so thankful for time to learn from him. He gives us so many tools that we can apply to camp and that I can use in my classroom.

FBC: Tecumseh Summer Edition. If this is my crew, I feel really good about that.

I also feel so good about these collector's edition FBC tanks for the summer.

And apparently the nautical theme goes really well with friendship bracelets too.

These girls really are three of my best friends here at Tecumseh and I'm so thankful for another summer together. Their silliness, willingness to be themselves, creativity, contagious joy, back scratches and hugs make life better.

I'm so glad Molly Brunner is back and that I get to play with her and Molly Henry-- such good people. I love just about everything about Erin O'Awesome and wish I could just follow her around all day if that wasn't weird.

Tonight the counselor mud hike happened. Crocs are the best choice for frolicking in pits of mud. Here's what happens when the counselor with the largest feet and the counselor with the smallest feet trade Crocs.

Meet Amanda and Emerson.

Whitney, Emily, Alli, Jessica and Kevyn really committed to the mud this year...

The pre-mud hike dance party/volleyball session was one of the funniest parts of the day. I'd like to give an award to the Papaya group for their continued enthusiasm to putting the word Papaya into every song I threw at them. 

The last big event of the night was the Ice Cream Name Tag Party in the lodge. Ellyn let me make the new Art Master apron for the Riv, I handed out the friendship bracelet lanyards I made this year for name tags, ate a huge bowl of blueberry cone ice cream, sang and danced to some hits like Bad Blood and Stick To The Status Quo, chatted with the CILT team and played with counselor friends.

One of my favorite parts of this week has been becoming better friends with returning counselors like Jess and Kevyn that I didn't know very well in previous summers. I was missing out. Can't wait to play with these friends all 9 weeks.

Honorable mention blog title:
-I'm really good at writing letters to myself-- open up with a joke, then finish with, "Love you, stay weird."
-Caught that journalism doe. 
-"First view!" "It doesn't tell me that..." "Yeah, but I know. First view!"

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