Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"I taught them all this stuff that they don't know the difference about-- like now when they say 'Hey What' they all wiggle their hips."

After driving on a bus all night from Castaway in MN, I finally got dropped off at a McDonald's just off the highway and then Jess from camp came to pick me up and bring me back to Tecumseh. Finally I got to meet the Session 1 CILTs of 2015. 

They were already in the Oak Forest when I arrived-- working on group initiatives in small groups. Each time tried the Spider Web, Acid River, Whale Watch and the Giant Maze. Tim, Alli and Liz were facilitating so I got to switch between groups and try to learn all 40 of their names.

It's crazy how in just a few minutes they can make an impression as they work together in this kind of scenario.  Already I'm noticing things about different that make them stand out for a variety of reasons-- it's really cool.

Today was the first time they had to do any kind of problem solving together. I love watching how they evolve as a team during their two weeks here at camp.

THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME RIVER VILLAGE KIDS THIS WEEK! Oh my goodness I love week one. Immediately I saw at least a dozen kids I know like Lucy, Taylor and Audrey. There's a whole clan of girls from Fishers and then so many more that I've met other summers like Lilly, May May, Kieran and  Brynn.

When I'm not playing with kids I love spotting CILTs and counselors that are engaged with campers all over the Riv.

Ladies and gentlemen-- Session 1 of 2015!!!!

I have more connections than I realized to this group-- HSE students, former campers of mine in Choctaw, siblings of past CILTs, and brothers and sisters of current counselors. It's such a small world.

I might have missed two days, but I'm ready to jump right in and get to know these CILTs and help them have the best two weeks ever.

I went to my first pool time of the summer and spent the whole time swimming around with Brave girls.

I got to eat tacos for dinner with Molly Henry, Jill and the Catawba girls. Then we went to Trading Post and hung out with kids while they devoured candy and ice cream. Camp is the best.

Our main priority for the night was to create and learn the CILT cheer. I'm so happy with the final product. I made them practice it over and over again until they lost count because I want them to be confident when they perform it tomorrow.

(final countdown)
It's a CILT Pack, Session 1
It's a CILT Pack, Session 1

(Shake it off)
My adopted camper lost my wooden nametag
and he's like oh my gosh
but I'm just gonna take him to the counselor over there with the really cool hair
Won't you CILT it up with us, CILT it up with us

Cause the Braves are gonna play, play, play, play
And the Blazers gonna pray, pray, pray, pray
And the Warriors gonna love, love, love, love
CILT it up, CILT it up

(Never gonna stop)
Never gonna give up CILTs
Never gonna let down kids
We just wanna run around in our pink hats

Always gonna make kids smile
We just wanna stay awhile
Never wanna leave our friends, at Camp T

CILTs! Live the adventure

Our first CILT Jar task of the summer was to make potholder headbands-- everyone circled up around the loops and learned or taught how to make these stretchy headbands that have become a Tecumseh classic.

Our night finished in the party room altogether for devotions. We talked about community--some that we're in, what God intended for community and our hopes and dreams for this CILT community. It's been just a day and I feel great about this group.

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