Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Diggy! Is that you? From the River Village, from Onondoga?"

The CILTies were pretty tuckered out this morning. They tried to have a group nap...

But we had a Sherpa Walk to accomplish. I love this morning of CILTs.

The counselors did a whole lot of observing. We did a whole lot of debriefing. Then we looked at a Kelle Hampton article about why Following is just as important as Leading.

Can I tell you that I just love 'Merica and Wolf Shirt Wednesday and Ellyn? I love this gang of camp gals--Erin, KMax, Moll Hen, Brunner Runner Runner, Alli, Diggy and Brenna are such MVPs of this place.

I keep having conversations with people lately about how Tecumseh is just the best. One of the reasons is because of our staff-- from Joel and Tom to the support staff and our cabin counselors, everyone is phenomenal.

Then we have rock star CILTs like Jill and fantastic kids like Lauren that make me so happy to be here every day.

I got to run into my girl Sarah today which was the best thing. Whenever I see her, her face just lights up and I can't handle her grin. I love this kid.

This afternoon River Village played Gold Rush: Renewed for the first time this summer. Now you collect gold to buy a land dead for your cabin.

Next your cabin completes certain activities in order to survive. The more expensive the deed, the fewer activities you have to complete. Then vice versa for a cheaper deed.

I got to rove around and see all sorts of activities going on. Once your cabin "survived" you could complete another set of challenges to earn money for other categories to increase your family's value.

Stilt walking, log cabin building...

Fire building, fire brigade...

Pipeline, canoe drag and corn meal. So 1800's of us all.

When the Riv cabins headed to the pool, the CILT girl counselors headed to the Lake to watch our Warrior CILTs. I ran into Ellie and Kat after their day at DC. I FINALLY SAW CECILIA AGAIN!

Our weeks at Tecumseh have finally coordinated but I've barely seen her. She ran out of Kampen when she saw me on the path and attacked me. I love this kid. If only I could be her counselor too.

Do you know who else is great? Alli, Emily Parkes, Liz and Amy. They're awesome.

 On the way home in the rain, Alli "What are the odds" Liz to go swimming in the flooded Oak Forest. 1-20 odds and they both said 4.

Liz took about three steps in before she slipped and fell right into the sludge.

So of course she volunteered to roll over she could really go swimming in the water. Liz for the win.

Best night off-- Olive Garden with Ellyn, Brunner and Tripper. New nike shorts for me and a fanny pack for Ellyn. I GOT A FIT BIT AND AM IN THE FIT BIT GAME. Coming back for the end of the CILT night chapel in the Party Room. Hanging out with CILTies in Choctaw before going to bed. I love camp life.

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