Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"I planted this is my garden. Then it grew. And now I'm eating it. And it's actually really good!"

Erin O'Awesome is one of my favorite counselors to watch during chapel. She so intentionally loves the campers around her and it's precious. Her campers adore her. 

CHAPEL WAS AWESOME! They did the fleetfoot and running deer skit while playing the Servant Song at the same time. Emma Flynn and Pat Powers made up a new melody for it and it perfectly fit the point of the skit.

The CILTs headed up to the TLC to do team building with Neal and Pete. They started with Key Pad...


Headed to the 12 foot wall...

Once they got all 40 CILTs up the wall we were ready for them to lift the counselors too. The campers from each cabin got to be the lifters for their counselor. We trust these kids.

It's Western Day for the CILTs-- so many overalls, flannel, read and bandanas.

How cool is this?! It's leaning up against the lodge in Lake Village.

Such a Dream Team of Pathfinder girls. I can't wait for them to become CILTs and hopefully counselors one day.

I love all of these kids so dang much-- Ava Baby and Emma...

We love Ellen Fazzio. If only Annie was here with us too.

Maggie and Hallie are awesome.

I love Maddie and Livy and Riley. Such rock stars.

Camp friends are the best friends aren't they?

My job at the Compassion Carnival this afternoon was the photo booth. I took the liberty of taking the camera off of the tripod and being another photographer for the day. I think maybe once my CILTing career ends I'll become a camp photographer.

p.s. I love the Day Camp counselors.

Allie Vanneman Fan Club.

My favorite kind of picture.

Loved Devon since the summer of love in '09.

Elise Gerken is such a sweet soul. I love this friend.

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