Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"The toilet paper at this camp is whack!"

CILT Adventure Part 1 on Monday started with Running Charades and then culminated in CILT Pack Lake Time. We split the kids in half between the Wet Willy Slides and the Rope Swing and then switched. 

Then all of them got a turn on the blobs. Since the counselors were all guarding or watching we didn't get to play, but it was fun seeing our campers attempting flips, clearing the slide in a single jump and battling in King of the Mountain.

Today was another day the weather was not on our side. We tried to get kids to swim time in the afternoon even through the drizzle. Liz and I walked up to the Richard G just in time for all of the cabins to go up to the pavilion when we heard thunder and then for them to walk back to their villages. The summer of getting steps... I really gotta get a FitBit.

Last night Alli and I bought bucket hats for ourselves, Ellyn and Liz. Little did we know that it was going to unofficially be bucket hat Tuesday in the Riv. Diggy and Erin O'Awesome are the most stylish gals.

TODAY WAS DAY CAMP SHADOW DAY! I spent two summers as a Day Camp counselor and loved those weeks, trail groups and campers. It was so long ago now, but those friendships and memories are still so vivid. Now one of the reasons I love this day is because I get to watch the CILTs from the past two summers who have become counselors.

Then I love watching the CILTs jump right into the madness and chaos of all that is Day Camp. They've gotten used to resident adopted cabins but this is a whole new ball game. Campers are as young as four and now they've got boys and girls in their groups.

DC still resembles Resident Camp but a whole lot of things are different-- chapel at the Pavillion, the Word of the Day, away lunches, swim lessons...

The CILT counselors hopped around to see the CILTies in action playing Cheeto-Head, chasing Cops and Robbers at Ft. Disco and having their own Lake Day at the Richard G.

Remember all the rain we've been having? Well the Tippecanoe River has slowly been rising and today it reached the bottom of the Black Hole slides. We won't be using these for awhile.

By the end of the Day Camp day the CILTs had made friends with campers and I got to see them have so much fun they forgot to notice how exhausted they were.  Today mattered because we got to make a difference in the lives of these kids and help them to each have an awesome day at camp.

I love that next year so many more awesome kids will join the ranks of the Day Camp staff-- just like Ellie was a CILT in Session 1 last summer and now she's rocking the staff polo and keeping track of her little campers.

Getting to be part of the transition years for these friends from camper to staff is my favorite thing. I get a front row seat to watching counselors like Kat and Emily grow and the best part is just being their friend.

And then it was time for RFAJWD...

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