Sunday, June 21, 2015

"So that means I have keys to everything at camp. The only things they won't let me do are drive the Bobcat and the drone. But that'll probably happen soon."

 It was a very successful weekend of writing, laundry, writing, running, writing, eating, writing and sleeping.  At Starbucks with Smoon this morning I finished my last Parent Letter for Session 1. CILT counselors write to all 10 of their camper's parents and write 3 pages for each kids. It's a lot. But even though I don't love writing them, I absolutely love having written them. When I finish them I feel like I know and love the kid even better than they did before. And though these letters are addressed to the parents, I think the person they mean the most to is the camper.

This afternoon the girls of Session 2 CILTs started checking in to the Longhouse. I missed this day last Session because I was at Castaway with Wyld Life so today felt extra special. SO MANY familiar faces and connections. There was a moment during our staff meeting that I looked over at Liz and said, "I'm just so happy." That feeling has lasted all day long.

My favorite Georgia peach Devon is finally a CILT and I finally get to be one of her counselors. Sam and Taylor are living with us in the Longhouse this Session and they're having so much fun together.

Lizzy Dale was one of my favorite girls in the summer of 2011 and I was so sad when she stopped being a counselor here. But today she came to drop off Devon and it was so good to see her.

I'm already beyond excited for this group of girls. I can't wait to build deeper friendships with the girls I already know and to become great friends with the people I just met today. Already they've had me laughing and thinking and smiling and it's just day one.

Heck, we even had a dance party on the porch without any music. If that's not a sign of a great session, I don't know what it is. Whimsy is overflowing. 

These girls are also ridiculous already. Usually it takes the CILTies a couple hours or days to start being really silly and weird but we've already moved past that phase.

So many Pathfinder counselors from last summer have told us at camp or texted or emailed to tell us that some of their most fun/precious/kind/hilarious/adventurous girls are in this group. I'M SO EXCITED.

 We love all camp pictures.

We love playing Liz's shock game... well actually I hate it... but Liz loves it.

We dressed up like Emojiis for Opening Campfire. The counselors went as the pink shirt people. I was the hair cutting emojii and ended up walking around and trimming hair from at least 50 different people including all of the CILT girls, Joel, Matt, Brother Nature, Scott and a dozen other counselors and campers. Many of them said, "This is so weird," which I agreed with and said, "Welp, camp is weird."

Our CILT pack isn't even complete yet. When we headed to Opening Campfire we were still anxiously waiting for five more CILT friends to join us.





Tonight we prayed for God to fill the potential of these next two weeks with so many good things-- more of Him, more friends, more laughter, more kids, more exploring, more adventure, more joy, more whimsy, more fun, more of all the things that make life so great here.

And as if I couldn't get any more excited about the next two weeks-- Ellen Fazzio, Annie Leonard and Lilly Fair are all here and in the same cabin! Oh holy this is amazing.

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