Friday, June 26, 2015

"If you're going to act like kids, I'm going to treat you like kids."

I love getting to stand with CILTies in chapel when they don't have to be with their cabins. It's moments like this one that I will remember and miss when the summer is over. 

Ever tried a 40-person Human Knot before? We hadn't either. They didn't finish it but it sure was fun to try.

This morning was our regular trip to the St. E nursing home in Delphi to visit with residents. Jim, who works there, was chatting with me later and told me, "They really love when you all come. They're still talking about it a couple days later. And your kids seem to really care, to really enjoy talking to them more than most people who come to volunteer." It was quite the compliment to them.

As we always do, the CILTies sang flagpole songs and chapel songs to the residents. I loved listening to the man behind me laugh at the funny parts of songs and seeing so many of the people clap along.

Since I first became a CILT counselor I always find and visit with my friend Ruth. She's 98 now and is doing well. She doesn't love the noise of all of our kids, but thankfully she still likes when I visit with her in her room. I'm glad I still get to see her one more time this summer.

Allie and Alli really love one another, it's precious. I'm such a fan of Elise and so grateful to really get to know her this summer.

We got to pet a horse... Kind of wish we could have ridden in the buggy too.

These girls-- they're pretty special. So thankful for friendships that keep growing with Payton, Maggie, Nikki, Elise, Clare, Izzy, Riley and Natalie.

One of the strengths of this Session is definitely their united singing ability. Playing iPod shuffle to and from town was so much fun today.

Once we got back to camp we played Running Charades in Main Field.

Then we got to hang out before heading into lunch. Today I got a text from Chrissy who said, "Even when I'm not at camp, Fridays always make me nostalgic." There's something so special about the end of the week here. It's even more special knowing we still have more than a week left together.

I love getting to finally be Hannah's counselor. Maggie Morris and Maggie Drake are absolute gems-- they're the kind of girls I would have befriended when I was a CILT back in the day.

Riley and Emma have each become great friends of mine in the past week. I feel like I've known them for years and I'm such a fan of both of them. They're rock stars. 


Doing this Session's cheer at lunch is so hype. It's a cheer I don't know if I'll ever get tired of. Things got a little crazy at the end of dessert.

SPORTS MANIA NIGHT! I LOVE SPORTS! Unfortunatalie, Natalie isn't going to be able to stay with me the entire summer.

The avid athlete I am, it probably makes sense that SPORTS night is one of my favorites. The CILTies were such a party crew tonight.

I LOVE the Day Camp staff even more than I love SPORTS. I'm so glad that girls like Ashley, Erin, Brenna, Kate and Shan are here this week. They're fantastic counselors and people.

Elise, Maggie and Clare come to camp together and I'm such a fan of this sweet trio. They're all so kind, thoughtful and joyful. They lead by example and take care of one another.

Oh holy. We love Allie Vanneman. What a star this girl is.

I'm so glad I get to work with athletes as intense as Liz and Alli. They're the sportiest.

I'm such a fan of Alana and Hallie-- they're both so awesome.

PARTY IN THE PARTY ROOM CAUSE SPORTS! And because you can't help but have fun when you're singing along to Space Jam, Get Your Head In The Game, I Don't Dance, Waka Waka, Wavin' Flag and We Are the Champions.

Alli and Ellyn are going to be low key devastated when Adam leaves. I really don't know what they're going to do.

Riley came to visit! We have missed having him with us this summer telling us to scrunch on in, get vulnerable and have a great day. We miss his cartwheels and the way he yells, "And a 1, and a 2 and a skiddly diddly do!"

Of course we made Riley do a cartwheel for old time's sake and he made sure I took a picture for the blog. Sarah and Ellyn daily pics are back... we're working on being more consistent... apologies to Ellyn's mom MK.

The rain gave us the gift of another indoor Closing Campfire. At Tecumseh we make it work, even if plans change, and still have fun.

So thankful for Erin O'Awesome's unrelenting positivity and joy. We'll miss Lilly after she's been here for the first three weeks of the summer.

I love Diggy, aka Emily, and camp wouldn't be the same this summer without her. Tanner has been here the past two weeks and she will be so missed. Thankful for her silliness.

Emma Macabee is my home girl. Ava Baby may not really be a baby anymore, but so glad she'll be here next week too.

Closing Campfire was fantastic as always. My favorite things are always the clinic performances. Hip Hop and Show Choir stole the show.

ELLYN GOT TO PERFORM A SONG WITH JOEL AND TOM! LIFE GOALS! She did a fantastic job, I bet she'll be asked to come back again.

The CILTs did the bead devotions with their cabins before coming home to the Longhouse. We did devotions tonight using Rob Bell videos in our cabins. This weekend marks the half way point for CILTs this summer which is super weird and crazy and sad all at the same time. So glad I've still got just over a week with this group of kids. 

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