Sunday, June 28, 2015

"I'll blog for you and then everyone will be like, 'Sarah! You were hacked!'"

The CILTs did the Wimmick skit at chapel this morning about stars and dots that stick to themselves. Until one day Punchanello meets a wimmick that stars and dots don't stick to. Punchanello starts meeting with Eli, learns that he was made and loved by Eli and the opinions of others stop mattering so much. 

Hallie explained the skit, Devon shared a personal story and Nikki prayed for everyone. I loved seeing these girls take on this really cool opportunity to share at chapel.

It was so cool to see our CILTies up on stage leading the songs for all of the stayovers. They did a fantastic job.

New CILT jar challenges for week 3!

Ellyn helped me with a caper this afternoon. Earlier this year I posted a painting that says, "What the Hobb." Joel commented that he would put it in his office and point to it whenever someone did something dumb. So Ellyn and I sneaked up to his office and hung it up for him to find later.

Madee Andrews has finished for the summer but she hasn't really left because Amanda will keep carrying her around. There was a knock on the Longhouse door this afternoon and I opened it to find SARAH WOODWARD! She's a Varsity FBC champ, one of my old students and a Wyld Life girl. I'm so pumped that she's here this week.

The Bescak's mom came to drop off their brother today and she brought PIZZA FOR ALL THE CILTS. Oh. My. Gosh. Life made.

After planning devotions and playing 4 on the couch, we let the CILTs make their wooden name tags. Emma didn't know what to write on the back of her name tag so it was an obvious choice to write, "I love Sarah Wright." Natalie is so excited about her name tag too- she's precious.

So many wooden name tags, so many cool CILTs. Getting your wooden name tag is #campgoals.

We did some work on our Opening Campfire theme for the CILT counselors while the CILTs worked on their name tags.

Anna Morgan is finally here! She'll be here for the next three weeks. Annie is back again-- love this child.

Our campaigning for Joel was very productive...
Change the I'm Third motto: Joel is first, America is second, Camp T is third
Why they hobb wouldn't you vote for J?
J for President!
Elijah is the next 1st baby
Sieplinga! Why the hobb wouldn't you?!
A vote 4 Joel is a step up the totem pole.
J for Prez

Smooney is in Delaware! Wouldn't you want to be in this cabin?

Our little nugget Haley is back! Can't wait to play with her and carry her around all week long.

CILTies have new units, new cabins and new partners this week. I loved seeing them in their costumes, playing with all their new campers.

Sarah decided to come back for another week! She just can't stay away from camp. Nicole Murino is finally here! I've missed this kid.

Finally our Presidential candidate J made an appearance. Such a fan of our next leader of America.

Riley carried my Diet Coke and water bottle to campfire for me so she got the first sip. That's when you know you're something special.

Tonight when Mike and Tom were talking about camp culture a little girl in the front row said, "Be Awesome!" They pulled Elyza up front and announced that she was going to be the Kid President of the Best Week Ever. Aka she just became the coolest kid in all of camp. I can't wait to shake her hand this week.

After we left campfire, we immediately headed to Joel's office to hang all of the campaign posters upstairs. Hopefully they stick around for awhile.

The Longhouse went a little crazy tonight. When Emma wouldn't get in the shower, Liz forced her to get in while still wearing her clothes. She embraced it. 

Then the childs retaliated and picked Liz up, took her outside and locked all the doors. Just living the dream on a typical Sunday night. 

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