Monday, June 22, 2015

"Yep, I'd like to sign up for Hip Hop clinic period 2... Oh I already have clinics?"

CILT Jar week 3 is going to be a really great time. I can't wait to see these things happen-- especially the Glitter Bomb day. 

The counselors always pick these things away from the CILTs because they're surprises later on, but multiple girls came over and said, "Is that really the CILT jar?! I've only seen it in pictures."

During breakfast Alli dared me to take a camper into the room where campers with Ask Jeeves were picking out replacement clinics. I didn't even hesitate to grab Riley and head in to get her some clinics. We told Dayna that we wanted to take one of the spots for hip hop and she just laughed at us. So then we went into the office for Joy to officially sign her up. She pulled up Riley's name before she realized that she was a CILT but somehow Riley was still signed up for three clinics in the Lake Village. We're still confused. 

The first morning of CILTs is spent in the Party Room learning names, going through expectations, making goals and drawing and sharing life maps. It's a lot of information but incredibly valuable time together. 

Somehow we still found some time to be silly too.

I love the start of sessions when we're all getting to know each other and it's just so dang fun. I already knew of Livy, Maggie, Hannah and Maddie but this is the first time I get to be one of their counselors. I'm such a fan of these girls and am so pumped to be with them for two whole weeks.

I got a letter today from Erin Dickett, one of Ellyn and I's old campers and one of my favorite kids in the world. She wrote about us in a class at school and sent us the papers about how we impacted her life. I can't wait for her to be here later this summer.

We arrived at the pool just in time to meet up with our girl Sarah. She's switched to resident camp this week so now we're talking about clinics instead of horses. Sarah jumped off the diving boards and swam all around the shallow end with me.

This afternoon was the first time the CILTs met their adopted campers which is a bit terrifying and totally exciting. I got to witness some awesome moments of friendship between CILTs and their girls all over the place.

Wouldn't you want to be one of Erin O'Awesome's campers?

I got to hang out with my friends Kendall and Tanner for awhile-- they're two of the sweetest and funniest girls.

Kayla Bacon is such a star. I'm a fan of this friend.

This afternoon we had the perfect time to meet up with Brother Nature at the Nature Center. Ellyn was terrified of the snakes even from across the room. She took two puffs of her inhaler just in case. Meanwhile I couldn't wait to get in my annual photo shoot with Rosie. She (the snake) may not live too much longer and Brother Nature confirmed that he probably will cry when she passes.

Lizzie got in on the fun today too. She was nervous about the whole winding-around-your-arm-thing but faced her fears.

Next we headed to the mini farm to meet up with a ton of cabins just having a ball with the pigs, goats, sheep and alpacas.

Ellyn and I stopped to smell the flowers.

I found Maddie and Livy both hanging with their new campers and Ellyn and I were pumped to see Ahmaria. 

Erin's cabin was playing Grounder so I hung out with them for awhile which was sweet because I got to play with Maggie and Livy too.

Then the girls beside me while playing 5 said, "You know Ella Ruston and Erin Dickett right?" I mildly freaked out and said, "Heck yes I do!" because Ella and Erin are two of my #1 homies that come week 9. And little did I know but these girls, Leah and Jane, are their friends from home.

Soon I was with cabins over by the stables welcoming back campers from the trail rides as though they'd be gone for months and we'd anxiously been waiting their return. We got to see Natalie and Hannah for a little while which was sweet.

The Oneida gal pals are one happy bunch this week.

Ellyn and I made a lap around the Riv before the start of our night off to get in some steps because I hadn't reached 10, 000 for the day yet.  I'm sure you won't be surprised that The Wright Way is one of my favorite spots in all of camp. I wish I could get a family picture with Dave, Beth, Katie, Nick, Linc and Red right here.

I spent the night hanging out with Erin, Diggy, Maddy and Ellyn. Highlights were  downing five baskets of chips and salsa, riding a hoopdie around Wal-Mart, getting Dilly Bars and waffle cones at Dairy Queen and spending the whole night with these friends.

I made it back to the Longhouse just in time to eat a lightning bug with my new friend Payton, to talk with CILT girls, sit in on Alli's devotion and read a bedtime story to Choctaw. Summer is my favorite.

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