Friday, June 12, 2015

"I have a boyfriend and I still have a crush on him."

I found future Fall Creek Junior High girls during clay clinic. 

The CILTs played Psychiatrist on the porch after shadowing clinics.

The hoppers spontaneously decided to have a CILT picnic for lunch in the Party Room.

CILT Jar task 3 for the week-- 'Merica day. God bless the red, white and blue.

I'm really loving working with Alli, Tim and Liz. This is all so new to them and they're each doing a fantastic job with the CILTies.

Found CILTs and their adopted campers at the Richard G Lake.

Campers have given up hunting for clay because now they can go hunting for itty bitty frogs in the shallow end.

Play with Riley in Main Field. Admired Lindsey and Diggy's unicorn suits.

Riv kids cooked out in Main Field for dinner and so many friends were on working tonight.

 CILTs planned songs for the nursing home tomorrow morning and then had a jam session to Riptide and House of Gold.

Played the first game of Fugitives for the summer-- sadly none of the fugitives made it to the bases without getting tagged.

CILT Jar part 4-- sardines in the Main Lodge. Did you know there is a basement?

CILT girls wrote Love Tanks notes on the Longhouse Porch before we finished the night with the rock devotion.

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