Monday, June 29, 2015

"Well Session 1 did it and I'm pretty sure they're all illiterate so..."

Riley signed up for more clinics during Ask Jeeves again. Looks like she'll be with show choir 3rd period. 

Smoon is back this week as a Blazer counselor and I love seeing her with her little girls.

The CILTs started the morning in the Party Room playing Noodle Tag and then Tackle Tag. It was amazing-- there are few mornings that have made me laugh this hard.

Next we took a nature hike with a pit stop at the Wolve's Den for some impromptu team-building. We told the CILTs that they should squeeze all 40 inside because the kids of Session 1 had done it. Little did they know, we were just trying to give them some encouragement.

We continued on our walk through the Oak Forest but Liz what-are-the-odds Emma to get in the mud.

Andrew wasn't far behind her... He ran off screaming, "I HAVENT BEEN ON A MUD HIKE IN YEARS!"

And then promptly found another puddle to swim in.

The CILTs played on the Wet Willy for awhile and finished with a giant relay race with 20 people on each team. I'd never seen this happen before and it was amazing.

Lucky for me, Sarah Woodward was at the lake for her paddle boarding clinic just as we were leaving. As soon as we got back to the Riv Alli found Adam who was working on some gymp.

I got to hang out with my gal pals Maddie, Emma and Hannah for awhile which is always a good time. I wish I could freeze this week with them and the rest of Session 2.

Every time I see Molly Brunner I'm just so thankful that she's here this summer. She's a rock star and she's making camp better in all sorts of small ways that really make a big difference.

I got to talk with Hadley and Ellison for a little while about their morning. Maggie Drake is someone that I don't think I'll ever get tired of. She's so consistent and positive and honest and helpful and kind.

Then I found Erin O'Awesome, the one from Oneida. Oh holy she's a star and a main character in my summer. I love this friend.

We had corn dogs for lunch today which was pretty exciting on it's own. Then these CILT boys collected all of the corn dog sticks from the entire dining hall. They proceeded to build the largest corn dog stick log cabin that you ever did see.

Alli and Allie had an Alli(e) moment which is always precious.

Ellyn came in with Camp's Kid President and I finally got to meet Eliza.

After being together for over a week we finally got to take our CILT group photo.

I went to the pool this afternoon and luckily found little Haley bug right away. I'm the luckiest because I got to play with her the whole rest of the swim time as we practiced strokes, jumped super high, made friends, carried her around and tried to warm up on the pool deck. She's the cutest and just continuously gives hugs and kisses.

 Lots of other CILTies and campers were having a blast too.

After pop stop I got to see Elise and Allie leading their cabins in Zumba at the pool. They were both laughing and smiling and having so much fun which made the kids have so much fun too.

Next I went to the mini farm with some Blazer cabins. Liz got out the baby bunny for all of us to see. Not a surprise at all, Haley wanted to give it a kiss.

It started raining but I was with Smoon and Natalie and lots of good people so it was all good.

Tonight the CILTs had a hobo dinner cookout. Maggie Drake, Nikki, Emma and I had to go on a mission to find some bread and then came back and worked as Team Peanut Butter and Jelly.

The fire builders used all of the corn dog sticks from lunch as kindling to get the fire started.

Alli packed Diet Coke to ensure the success of the experience.

Andrew somehow brought a tea kettle to boil tea over the fire too. When we were almost finished cooking all of the hobo dinners, it started to pour down rain. We tried to just stand under the branches for a few minutes but then decided it was a lost cause. Everyone grabbed what they could and raced back to the Party Room.

We were soaked and hungry but still okay because any day at camp is a great day. We had a hobo dinner picnic on the floor and then just got to hang out for a long time.

We got to have ice cream instead of s'mores. Then we regrouped to play Family. Against all predictions, Faletti won the entire game and no one discovered that he was Justin Bieber the whole time.

We finished the day with a night chapel in the Party Room and then back to our cabins for bed time stories and late night talks. I love the CILT life.

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