Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"And then you'll be able to say, 'Yeah, I hung out with them on a night off once.'"

I finally got to go to chapel in the Green Cathedral with campers. I love the stage, the new screens and seeing the stone rows filled with cabins. 

The CILTs headed up to the Leadership Center to spend the morning team-building with Neal and Christine. Neal led them in some mixers before the split in half to do an activity called Keypad.

It's so interesting to watch the CILTs interact in this kind of environment-- who speaks up, who supports others, who makes sure others are successful, who disengages as soon as they finish their part, who encourages the team...

Then the whole CILT Pack assembled to face the 12 foot wall. The had to figure out how to lift everyone up and over the wall by only using three lifts from the bottom and three assists from the top.

When you have the birds eye view from the top of the wall you get a whole new perspective of how the team is interacting.

They ended up lifting up almost every CILT, all the CILT counselors and Christine over the wall.

On TLC day we get to lunch in Lake Village. Liz saw campers of hers that will be in Session 1 next summer. Ellyn joined us and we got a wolf shirt daily pic in the LV.

I am loving working with Alli, Liz and Tim this summer. It's a major transition for them right now because it's so different than being a regular resident counselor. I think they're each doing an excellent job.

I'm feeling like I know these CILTs a little bit better now. I love getting to be a counselor to girls like Rachel, Kaya and Jill.

It's DAY CAMP STAFF TRAINING WEEK! The staff is eating in LV too so I got to see rock stars like Mallory, Lauren, Kristen, Colleen and Julia.

There were at least 8 birthdays at Tecumseh today which is a busy day for the Order of the Oar. One of the birthday celebrations was for our girl Olivia Benz. She's a light and we were so lucky to get to be with her today with cupcakes and songs and hugs and balloons and streamers on her bunk.

The Compassion Carnival was this afternoon in River Village. I got to be part of the face painting station and did a whole lot of artsy dots, cat whiskers and cabin names on faces.

One of the best parts of being a CILT counselor is getting to be around all of the younger kids too. I love seeing these campers, like Lilly, that come back summer after summer.

This Fisher's gang is one of my favorite parts of week 1. Whenever I get to hang out with younger kids all of these girls suddenly appear to play.

Do you know what else I love about Tecumseh? Everyone is friends here. I love being Rachel's counselor, being Erin O'Awesome's friend, working with Brunner Runner Runner again and swimming around with kids like May May during swim time.

Tonight was one of the best nights off ever. Hannah and Julia, two of my YL girls, best friends,  & little sisters,  drove up to camp to hang out with me. We've been apart for nearly two weeks which is a very long time for us. This is also the only night of the whole summer that they were both free to come visit.

We got to see kids in Riv, go to dinner at Chipotle with more counselors, explore Von's, get a patriotic wolf shirt at Wal-Mart, eat ice-cream and then hang out in the Longhouse with Ellyn while the CILTs did devotions in a different cabin.

These two mean the world to me and it's so strange not seeing them on a daily basis. Luckily I get to see them in just a few days back at home for Hannah's graduation party. Can't wait.

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  1. Have you ever heard of Camp Challenge!? It's another awesome church camp. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else who's going for junior high camp this year.