Sunday, May 15, 2016

"I told Jarn I did an obstacle course blindfolded and she said she does that every day."

A few months ago the kids in my SOAR raised the most money of any class in the whole school for Riley Children's Hospital. Their reward: PIZZA PARTY!

Haleigh and I both know the truth that there ain't no party like a pizza party. The kids might have spilled Pepsi all over the floor in the first 30 seconds but it was still a blast. 

I headed straight to Tecumseh after school for the 2016 Coordinator Training. Everyone in a leadership position this summer gathered together for the weekend to prepare for the upcoming summer.

Voted on a Pixar movie. Inside Out won. Paused the movie while we watched and made connections to camp.

Reunited with Ellyn and got to be partners in a massive team-building challenge. We love to participate. And to take pictures with the Longhouse peeking in the background.

The Polar Bear and Raccoon kidnapped all of us from the TLC and forced us to go dress up in crazy costumes. 

They dropped us off at the DQ in Delphi-- just a bit shocking to the employees and customers inside.

Peanut introduced Tom and J to face swap on Snapchat. They loved it. 

Sunday morning we filmed each pair of coordinators talking about why it's awesome to be a counselor with that age group. Hopefully this will give counselors a clearer picture of what makes each unit unique.

We're so ready for summer 2016. Staff training begins in just three weeks.

Back in Fishers I made it to Rachel and Chloe's Pancake Extravaganza-- the next fundraiser for their mission trips.

The menu consisted of pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes. I was lucky enough to dine with Sydney and Abby Back.

Megan was just one of the friends there to help Rachel and Chloe make the Pancake Extravaganza run smoothly. Syd and Meg had never met before which was just crazy to me. I love when lives overlap.

Two weeks of school left-- we got this.

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