Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Random question: would you rather receive a bracelet at camp or on the last day of school?!"

My days in Fishers are numbered this summer so I'm making the most of them-- trying to see all my  people one more time before I head to Tecumseh. Tuesday I picked up Fudge so she could have a break from studying for finals. This kid is a champ-- one of the most enthusiastic, silly, positive girls I know. 

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to make these YL wooden letters that I saw on Instagram...

My dad is the greatest. Along with his neighbor Bill, he made me a set of giant YL letters. Now I just have to get them painted! I can't wait to break these out at YL camp at the end of the summer.

I can hardly believe that next year Haleigh and Libby will be away at IU and Miami of Ohio. The HSE YL dream started with them in 2012 and they were pioneers in getting this all off the ground. We had one last dinner date tonight to wrap up the year. I'm thankful these girls will be friends of mine for years to come.

8th grade art students make teacher caricatures as their last project of the year. These are collector's items for teachers, proudly displayed in our classrooms. Sydney and Kenzie added to my collection this year. I love seeing what quirky or memorable things they decide to add to the drawing. Their artwork has already been hung on the wall.

I'm officially in retirement from friendship bracelet making. It's true. I will not make another bracelet until I come back from Tecumseh for the next school year. There's just too much going on at camp to make bracelets. I've spent this whole year making bracelets for overnight counselors, staff, DC counselors, CILTs, returning campers, Wilderness girls, YL gal pals and YL leaders. I hope their wrists are ready.

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