Friday, May 27, 2016

"Rocky's a service animal--she's allowed anywhere."

Thursday was the last day of school for the kids at the Clubhouse. The day was filled with awards in the morning, signing yearbooks, episodes of Survivor, notes from kids and good-byes. Remember how I gave rock notes to my Love Does girls on Monday? At the end of the day Kailyn, Izzy, Claire, Gabby and Brynn surprised me with a rock covered with notes. I love these kids.

To celebrate the (almost) end of school, Ellyn and I met up at Mellow Mushroom to celebrate. We at pizza out on the patio, talked about camp, the new international counselors and everything we're looking forward to.

Friday after I finished school for real I met up with Emma and Maggie for a late lunch. Emma has a bet going with her mom so she brought her own lunch. God bless.

Maggie returned home to help me with the giant YL letters. We measured together and then worked together to paint on all the stripes. 

Now we just need to break these guys out at YL camp later this summer. 

Love ya Mags-- if we were in the Baby-Sitter's Club you'd be the Mary Anne to my Kristy. 

Friday night we held a Pre-Camp Pizza Party for all of the Wyld Life kids headed to Clearwater Cove in just two weeks. We had a pretty good turn out and kids were excited to meet leaders.

This was also the first full day of summer for these kids so they couldn't be any happier.

We played Robot Master, Camp Trivia and won prizes of things we'll need for camp.

Wyld Life is going to Clearwater Cove in Missouri this year for the first year ever. This summer is the grand opening of Clearwater Cove which is awesome because no one has been there yet.

This is the first time I'll be missing Wyld Life Camp with HSE. Goodness, I'm really going to miss being there with these kids and leaders. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories of their adventures.

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