Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"She's never had a real hug from me-- she won't let me hug her, it's like a dance move."

You know that Glennon Doyle Melton is my girl-- her daughter is a rock star too. This recent post will make you fall in love with Tish and make you believe that you are more than enough just as you are. That’s the shift, right? When I was little — I looked at the one size fits none standard of beauty and thought: “Damn. There’s something wrong with me.” And Tish will look at the same crap and say: ” Damn. There’s something wrong with THAT.”

Top 10 Things I'm Just SO Excited For: 

1. Passing out friendship bracelets at Tecumseh, Young Life Camp and Wilderness
2. Putting on the blue staff polo and wooden nametag for the first staff meeting
3. Sitting in a giant circle on the Longhouse Porch for the first time with Session 1 CILTs and going around introducing ourselves
4. Swim checks fully dressed
5. Reuniting with Brave, Blazer, Warrior and Pathfinder friends
6. Watching DC counselors in action when CILTs shadow them for a day
7. Scrunchies and a best friend necklace every single day
8. Conversations while walking the lake road
9. Hanging out in the Longhouse at night and something always going on in Hopi, Abnaki and Choctaw
10. Watching Partner Pairings during staff training and witnessing an explosion of excitement, anticipation, nervousness, joy and fun

Top 10 Things I Will Miss:

1. Watching Netflix and Hulu
2. FBC on Thursdays
3. Campaigners with YL girls on Monday nights
4. Getting whatever I want to eat for dinner every single day
5. Going to bed when I want 
6. Alone time
7. Wyld Life-- campaigners, club, discipleship, craziness
8. Free time to go meet up with friends or go shopping or take a road trip
9. Having unrestricted access to a washing machine and dryer
10. Seeing so many kids I love every day in the halls of the Clubhouse

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