Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer 2016-- here we come

Anticipation has always been one of my favorite emotions. I read once that you get to experience all things twice--once when you're thinking about all that is to come and then a second time when it actually happens. I'm always looked forward to things-- as a child I couldn't wait for counselors to arrive for staff training, in college I couldn't wait for SIB Rush and NME, at FCJH I can't wait for field trips but mostly I'm always looking forward to summer.

With our new special edition FBC summer tanks, I asked some of my fav kids what they're anticipating this summer. Andy Warhol says, "The act of waiting for something makes it more exciting."

McKenna: Swimming with friends, camp with awesome leaders, warm weather

Claire: Wyld Life Camp, my neighbors' week long Bounce House party, water balloon fights and water gun wars

Katie: Wyld Life camp, sleeping in, being able to pick up a bunch of new hobbies

Brynn: Summer camp, helping out at VBS, pool days

Taylor Pozz: Summer nights, concerts, adventures with my friends

Meric: Spending more time with my friends, school volleyball starting back up, Nationals

Maddie Halk: Young Life camp, water skiing, no school

Brookie: Camp Tecumseh, Hawaii, sleepovers/tubing/adventures/water balloon fights with Bethany and Louise

Cecilia: Young Life Camp and Camp Tecumseh, going to my grandparents house at Canandaguia Lake, surprise family vacation

Hope: Lake parties, campfire, Sunday morning water skiing

Lulu: Being able to run in the morning in Florida while watching the sunrise, taking my hammock wherever I visit, year 2 of my dad coming to YL camp with us

Elise: Traveling, YL camp, going to the pool

Hailey: Catching up with old friends, jammin' out at summer concerts, 13 mile bike rides to get Handel's ice cream

Emily: Braids, friends, dogs

Julia: Day Camp, climbing a freaking mountain during Wilderness with my people, country concerts and lake days

Caroline: YL Camp, no homework, having fun with friends

Line: Summer adventures, boat days, YL Camp

Sar: CILTs 2016, living the Wilderness dream, YL Camp at Timber Wolf Lake with my gal pals

Fudge: Sailing Camp, Nashville, summer training with my team

Grace:Camp Crosley, tubing on the lake, Nationals in Orlando

What are you anticipating

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