Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Two and a half weeks

In two and a half weeks my life will look very different.

The twelve and thirteen year-olds around me will be called Blazers and Warriors instead of 7th and 8th graders. I'll be living in a cabin with 11 other people instead of in an apartment by myself. Waking up at 7:15 will be sleeping in compared by my 6 am alarm these days. The morning commute won't involve a car, but walking across the yard to the Riv flagpole. I'll retire my teacher pants, teacher shirts and teacher necklaces and replace them with a rainbow of Nike shorts, neon tanks and my wooden name tag.

In two and a half weeks I'll no longer go to Young Life on Mondays at the Barn, Wyld Life on Wednesdays at the Garret's and church on Sundays at Northview. Instead I'll sing under the canopy of green trees every morning at chapel, sing graces in the dining hall at every meal and share in a candlelit devotion circle each night. God will continue to show up in both tangible and intangible ways-- we'll train our hearts and eyes to spot Him.

In two and a half weeks I'll be working with Grace, Todd and Liz all day every day instead of planning with a cohort of teachers at the Junior High. The CILT team of counselors will throw ourselves into the 3 Sessions and 6 weeks of Campers In Leadership Training that we're only anticipating right now. We can't wait to spend morning in the Party Room, hiking across camp and learning about faith, servanthood, self-awareness and collaboration.

In two and  a half weeks we'll have a long list of highs of the day and struggle to come up with a low. We'll lose our Snapchat streaks, close out of Netflix and have no time to scroll through Instagram. Our schedule will be filled with time to jump off the rope swing, fly down the zipline, cook a hobo dinner, eat ice-cream sandwiches on the Trading Post porch, sing songs as we walk the lake road and join the parade of people headed to campfire on Friday nights.

 17 days till it's summer camp time.

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  1. Be extra nice to my sister in law Jasmine! She is on res staff this summer!