Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer: the season of freedom

For the first time in the last six years, I will be experiencing "normal" summer for a few days. Tecumseh doesn't start for another week so I'll be bopping around Fishers. Without pop stop, cabins, lake time, hoppers and cabins life looks very different in the summer.

Highs of the First Day of Summer:

1. Breakfast at Patachou with Hannah and KCraig

2. Cinnamon toast straight from heaven 

3. Pool day at the Halkyard's with Maddie and Mel
4. Dinner at Bub's in Carmel with Line and Maddie
5. Swanton running outside to say hi and totally making my day then seeing the whole Mernitz family down the street

6. Adventuring on the Monon with the gal pals

7. Detours to see the home of the Mat Snatcher's, Flowing Well Park, my old YL Club spot, ice-cream and a geocache

Summer in the real world. I can do this. See ya' in a week Tecumseh.

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