Thursday, May 19, 2016

"If I had to describe Avery in one word I'd say cat. She walks on the edge of the hallway. She tries not to bother people. She likes her sleep. She likes sunshine."

Friendship Bracelet Club 2015-2016: 'Merica long sleeve shirts, library meetings, friends from HIJH and Riverside, popsicles, games in the back, best friend necklaces, Varsity FBC monthly projects, chair circles, Rush FBC, National FBC Day, new Nashville and reverse earthquake patterns, returning 8th graders, brand new sevies 

Tonight we had a parent meeting for the Wyld Life trip to Clearwater Cove, the Young Life trip to Timberwolf Lake and the Wilderness trip to Colorado. Kathy, Ryan and JD ran the sessions for each trip and answered questions. I was there for extra support tonight and I can't wait to travel withYoung Life and Wilderness this summer as HSE sends over 260 kids and leaders to the best week of their life.
Clearwater Cove, MO

 Timberwolf Lake, MI

Wilderness Ranch, CO

Top 10 Favorite Things About Young Life Camping:

1. One on ones with every kid in my cabin
2. Real Life
3. Costumes for cabin tournaments
4. Cabin Time conversations that you never want to end
5. Singing at Club
6. Big Cookie, pizza and Diet Coke, coffee cake, etc
7. Upfront games and cheering for kids from your area
8. The excitement of running off the bus, through the tunnel of Work Crew and right to the characters
9. 20 Minutes
10. The luxury of a whole week to hang out with YL girls without distractions

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I called my mom during school once because I missed her. It was this year."
"Have you seen the movie Constipated?"   "It hasn't come out yet."

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