Thursday, May 12, 2016

"In other news, a bee flew up my pioneer dress today and stung me."

Dear Watercolor Paints,

I really love what you did here. Thanks for adding just that little something extra to really make this come alive. I think we'll have to work together again soon. 

Dear Powderpuff at FCJH,

Sevies I love how you show up loud and proud. Despite being a bit intimidated by the 8th graders you gave them a run for their money. Shoutout to Brookie for still playing hard after getting a bit of blood on your shirt-- you're a champ.

Boys-- It's sure to be an interesting time when you get control of the microphone, the music and the scoreboard. Thank you for your energy and excitement to make this happen. You probably know football better than all of the girls combined but today you volunteered to help from the sidelines.

I love that so many of you showed up to cheer on your friends. Showing up is one of the most simple and most supportive things you can do for people. You're doing it well.

8th grade girls way to be rock stars. I know you had no idea what was going on half the time, but you still pulled out a victory. Proud of you for working together and having a blast out there.

 Dear Maddie and Hools,

I love living life with the two of you. Thank you for seeking me out half the time and making sure we're checked in to each other's lives. No matter what we're doing I always have with you both. Shoutout to Chik-Fil-A for the free ice cream cones after we kept our phones in the Cell Phone Coop for all of dinner.

Dear Choir Kids,

Oh. My Goodness. You all are so talented. When Grace, Grace and Mer did their mash-up I couldn't get enough of the choreography and when the next trio sang Lost Boy I don't think I've ever been more impressed. Everyone up there did such a good job singing together and nailing all of those moves. I know you work so hard. 

Evie and Allison I think I'm the biggest fan of your over-the-top hair, over-the-top choreography and over-the-top facial expressions. Never do less. Keep doing the most all the time. You're the kind of people we need in the world. 

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