Sunday, May 22, 2016

"It's your journey. Now take it."

One of my life goals: 

I believe in snail mail. I believe in the power of hand-written words. I love the anticipation of waiting for mail. I love the excitement of opening the mailbox to find a letter inside. I love the intentional friendship of pen-pals. We could all write a few more letters. 


KCraig. Katrina. Linda. Annie. They instantly pop into my mind when I read these words. They don't need anyone's validation because their identity rests solely in their relationship with God. 

Why I am the way I am:

This is part of why I Young Life. Part of why I teach. Part of why I'm a counselor. Part of why I do FBC. 

I'm beyond excited to head to Timber Wolf Lake this July for a week of Young Life Camp. Cabins are still top secret-- but I can say that I'll be co-leading with my gal pal Haleigh. We couldn't be more excited about it. We led a Wyld Life cabin at Castaway Cove last summer and are pumped for round two. 

Even though we've led together before, this feels like a big milestone because in 2012 I was her leader. It was HSE's first ever trip to a YL camp. Hannah Blachly and I led Haleigh and her friends for the best week of our lives. I still vividly remember so many moments from that week-- one on one with Haleigh around the lake, Alli Bell climbing a tree for the first time, wolf shirts during field games, thinking Hannah and I were going to die on the blob, our first cabin times and starting the tradition of getting the front row in Club. 

Little did we know where our YL story would do in the years to come. Who knows, maybe I'll be leading a cabin with one of the girls in this cabin four years from now. 

Remember the Wyld Life Parade a few weeks ago? One of the sheets asked, "Who is someone you want to spend more time with? What could you do together?" Someone wrote, "lunch with Miss Wright" in the top corner of the page. Once I figured out it was Brookie we set a date to make it happen. Saturday I met Brooke and Katie after their soccer game for lunch. 

After we finished eating with chop sticks we wrote Top 10 Summer Things I'm Excited For and Top 10 Reasons I Won't Miss School. 4 more kid days and 1 more teacher day till 10 weeks of summer freedom. WE CAN'T WAIT!

Saturday day night I headed to Rachel Phillip's graduation party with the gal pals. It's so sad to think that Rach won't be around next year after knowing her for six years. She's a gem. We loved the photo booth and duct tape dance floor at her party too.

I'm such a fan of Rachel Buckingham, Kegley, Maddie, Megan, Rach, Chloe and Hools. These girls are some of the main characters of my life in Fishers and it would look very different without them.

 Brookie Cookie never fails to make me smile. I love this kid.

This is how Lincoln dressed himself to go to church this morning. I'm so proud to be related to him.

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