Thursday, May 5, 2016

"My greatest weakness is that I'm not really a morning person. Coffee makes me too hyper so I can't have that. I drink juice. But it only works if I drink it first thing."

So many different thoughts today on the blog... 
Sidenote: In HS I had a column in our school newspaper my Senior year called Montage. I wrote about a different collection of things in each edition-- kind of like this post.

Taylor Swift. Such a gem. I'm not sure about her new look at the Met Gala recently, but I'm still her biggest fan. I love these words of hers, "Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind." And if you don't know about Gretabl you should check it out and send someone some happy.

Here are some numbers for you...

3 days of interviews
5 directors interviewing
125 applicants
55 spots
2 schools

The Camp T Field Trip in the Fall is hands down my favorite week of school all year long. For 7th graders, teachers, parent chaperones and HS counselors it's an experience unlike anything else. Now that I've been teaching for several years, I finally know all of the counselors from when their Junior High days which makes it all a lot more fun. These kids are the best of the best. They're smart, responsible, creative, enthusiastic, hard working and kind. They give up three days to come be pseudo-teachers to a group of five or six 7th graders as they lead them all over Tecumseh.

Interview week is bittersweet. 

I love it because I know that many of these kids will become counselors next year, their campers will look up to them and they'll do a phenomenal job. Little do they know how significant of an impact this will have on their HS experience. I can't wait to see them in action. 

But this week is difficult because there just aren't enough spots for everyone. (Our Day Camp program in the summer has the exact same challenge.) There are many people that I would love to see become counselors but there just isn't enough room for all of them. 

Only 149 days till FCJH and HIJH are back at camp!

Do you know the giant painted wood sorority letters that girls hold in pictures during recruitment, bid day and activation? Well I keep seeing posts of YL letters too (two sets are in the following Insta post) and I really want HSE YL to have a pair. I can handle the painting, but how in the world do I cut these letters?!

There is a giant mural wall in Madison, WI where Smoon lives. It's bright, colorful and full of inspiration. She visited the wall today and sent me a picture of some of the words. This is good stuff. 

Smoon also sent me a like to one of her new favorite songs: Shepherd by Bethel Music. It immediately went on my chapel playlist for the summer. All of the lyrics of this song are just so good.

Ok this is wild-- have you heard of it yet? Starbucks now has Starbucks Evenings at select locations featuring "savory bites" along with wine and beer. You can get things like bacon wrapped dates or mac and cheese. I'm not sure what to think about all of this.

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