Monday, May 16, 2016

"We live in a culture where kids are desperate for meaning and value. They're on this incredible search."

Young Life just released this new video about the power and importance of investing in kids. Totally worth the 4 minute watch. This makes me so proud and so excited about being part of Young Life. 

We live in a culture where kids are desperate for meaning and value. They're on this incredible search.

Doesn't matter their skin color, doesn't matter they're economic status. They're filling their lives with all kinds of things, trying to belong. Kids desperately need caring adults who will come alongside them, get right in the middle of wherever they are. Who love them no matter what.  

Young Life is caring adults who love Jesus and love kids and they enter into a kid's world. Young Life is all about going to where kids are. We're not waiting for them to come to a building, we come to them. A Young Life leader comes in, loves them where they are, accepts them right where they are without judgement. 

We've been doing this for a long time, we've been around since 1941. We've got ministries in all 50 states, over 95 countries and we're not going to stop there. What I love about Young Life is our true commitment to every kid. Middle school kids, High School kids, college students, kids with special needs, teen moms, teens of military families. 

We take very seriously the task of teaching them how to follow Christ. Teaching them how to pray. Teaching them how to read the bible. The vision of Young Life is that every kid would have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Every kid deserves to know who God is, deserves to know that somebody loves them.

How can you join this adventure? Because we are moving and we want you to come along. Our staff are amazing-- we need more of them. Our volunteers are amazing-- we need more of them. We have donors who give sacrificially-- we need more of them. If you love the Lord and have a heart for teenagers I can teach you the rest. This is an investment that's going to change kids' lives for generations, change communities for generations. If we show up and are available, God will use that in kids' lives. 

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