Monday, October 24, 2016

"Grandma is asking if we'll be indoors or outside tonight?" Bring Your Grandparents To Club Club

Well we've done it again folks. It started with Siblings Club. Then at the start of the year we hosted Bring Your Pet To Club Club. Tonight we raised the stakes and invited our grandparents to come to Young Life with us. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but the grandmas and grandpas showed up in full force.

Don't worry-- kids who don't have grandparents living nearby still came tonight too!

Usually we interact with the parents of Young Life and Wyld Life kids as they're dropping them off or coming to events like the Banquet or Barn Party. Tonight was extra special to meet the next generation in each of these families. Over and over again I was blown away by the family resemblance.

Some of the grandparents we already know-- like Taylor and Brooke's grandparents are actually Ryan's neighbors.

Some were new friends like Evelyn's grandpa who enthusiastically shouted out, "DRAKE!" during a game later in the night.

It was so cool to see kids welcome in their grandparents, show them around the barn and share this part of their weekly routine together. My parents live close to my nephews Lincoln and Redford and are a huge part of their lives. They're still tiny, just 3 and 5, but I can just picture my parents going to a YL club with them in 10 years as proud grandparents.

Nonnie and Poppie have got to be two of the grandparents I know the best in Fishers. They were all smiles tonight. And you know that soon after Club was over Nonnie already commented on my Instagram post from the night.

Garrett and his grandfather ended up being our favorite duo to watch in one of the games tonight. I can see where the Shumaker girls get their positivity from.

Jayla Brown won the prize tonight for MATCHING with not one, but BOTH of her grandmas. So impressive.

Ryan welcomed everyone to club and started us off with Lean On Me.

We had everyone in the Barn line up in age order from youngest to oldest...

Our youngest and oldest attendees tonight were 14 and 81 years old-- pretty amazing.

It wouldn't be Bring Your Grandparents To Club Club if there wasn't prune juice involved right?

Grandparents were blindfolded before they had to feed their grandchild sitting in the chair infront of them. Each kid had to eat applesauce spotted with jelly beans, 3 Fig Newton cookies and then down it all with a cup of prune juice.

It was amazing, nutritious and delicious. Well... perhaps not delicious if you ask any of the kids.

Taylor and her grandpa said from the start that they were going to win-- and they did!

Next we had a Grandparents v. Grandkids in a celebrity naming event with people representing both generations.

How many of these 16 celebrities can you identify? Answers at the bottom of the post.

Tonight Ryan talked to all of us about heritage (where we come from) and our legacy (what we leave behind). The cool thing is that we all have a spiritual heritage and a spiritual legacy. The ripple effect that we're part of is pretty phenomenal when you think about the larger picture. How do you fit into that? How do you want to add to the story?

The people who gathered together in this room tonight are leaving an imprint on one another's lives. Grandparents are pouring into their grandkids' lives and vice-versa. We all have this opportunity to share hope, grace and love with one another.

Week after week I'm so thankful for the girls that I get to do life with-- kids like Anna Morgan, Caroline, Kaylee, Kegs and Julia. They're some of the main characters of my days and I'm such a fan of them. They're making a positive impact on the people around them and being a light.

Guess what?! It's Washburn's birthday tomorrow!!!! Goodness we love this kid. Thanks for sharing your positivity, fun and joy with the world Wash.

p.s. I voted early this afternoon. I have fulfilled my civic duty. I feel very patriotic. Go 'Merica!

p.p.s. I got to start the morning with this crew praying for different groups of people-- they're seeking Christ's heart and it's the coolest thing to witness

Did you figure out the celebrities?

1. Ariana Grande
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Burt Reynolds
4. Audrey Hepburn
5. Barbara Walters (as soon as I held up this picture a kid said, "Oh! It's Hillary!"
6. Drake
7. Howdy Doody
8. Jennifer Lawrence
9. Lebron James
10. Jimmy Fallon
11. Justin Timberlake
12. George Harrison (neither the grandparents or the kids guess the right Beatle)
13. Luke Bryan
14. Richard Nixon
15. Sammy Davis Jr
16. Sia

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