Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Who's that girl eating Ramen in the woods with Miss Wright?" Clubhouse takes Camp T Day 2

Highs of the day:

1. Being at camp (duh)

2. Chicken Round Up (check it off the bucket list for the week) with Jamie, Ellyn and Liz's study group

 3. Casually crafting with Noorah-- friendship bracelets and scarves without even looking

4. Taking Cassidy to see the baby turtles she's been dreaming about!

5. Camp tours with cabin moms to show them everything from the Three House Tree House to the Green Cathedral

6. Hiking to the Gish with Ellyn (check that off the bucket list of the week too) even when the trail disappeared

7. Kayla Bacon came to visit! Lucky for us, she brought her fancy camera and we had the most glamorous photo shoot in the Pine Forest that you ever did see.

8. Seeing campers like Audrey all over camp-- almost feels like summer camp on this #tecumsehtuesday

9. Our new best friend Mindy, cabin parent extraordinaire, who is also our new favorite person. She even brought me a fountain Diet Coke today so you know she's legit.

10. Over 30,000 glorious steps all across the beautiful Camp Tecumseh YMCA

11. A full day at camp with Kaylee, Linnea, Liz, Lucy and Cassidy-- some of my very favorite counselors and humans

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