Monday, October 10, 2016

"Well, the dog's name is Jimmy, but I really want to name him Chandler Bing."

The perfect pairing: donuts holes and Brookie's face. Nothing screams Monday morning or Junior High more than this. 

Meet the Party People-- Hools, Lizzie and Cass (Kaylee and Kegs not pictured). 5 HS girls who are sacrificially choosing to invest time, heart and energy into serving Junior High kids this year. I love that I get to live life with each of them.

Meet the Gal Pals-- Jordan, Alexis, Lydia, Megan, Evie, Ellison, Mallory, Molly, Maddie, Brynn, Brookie, Claire and Kaleigh. These 8th grade girls are some of the main characters of the Clubhouse. We've read Love Does and Purpose Driven Life Together, talked and laughed a lot.

Monday nights are for YL. KCraig's birthday was last week while I was at camp so we planned some belated birthday fun. Girls made her cards or brought something fun to surprise her. I got memories from friends that live far away and had cheesecake for our small group time. KCraig you are so very loved.

Did you know that when friends come back from college they come back home to YL? Tonight we were visited by Jake, Brock, Blaire, Es and Rachel-- it was awesome. These friends are sharing Christ in their new schools and stay plugged in to the community here. They are so loved.

I love that there is no one type of kid who belongs at YL. If you come hang out with us for a night you will see that it's true-- everyone belongs here.

Did you know this band of girls comes from LN every week to do YL with us? Ashlynn, Lexi, Sarah, Katie, Mary, Maddie and Emma are rock stars and I love becoming friends with them.

Did you know that these Seniors have been coming to YL since they were in Junior High? Their dedication and commitment is inspiring and doesn't go unnoticed.

Gracie and Grace danced while we sang tonight and it was one of the most beautiful things. I wish we could bottle up their spirit so we could have it with us all week long.

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