Thursday, October 6, 2016

"She's a moist girl." Clubhouse takes Camp T Day 4

Camp T week never gets old. The weirdest counselors are always the best kind. And today actually felt like summer-- how'd we get so lucky?

Our principal Ms Lippe came back to visit us again. This time she climbed all the way to the very top of Mt. Wood and kissed the owl. She's the real MVP.

Kayla Bacon came back to visit again too and brought me a Den Pop. If you go to Purdue-- vote for #2 Kayla Bacon for Homecoming Queen. #blackgoldandbacon I love having Lucy Dewolf here this session-- my pal, pseudo-little-sister, student and camper.

I ran through the Oak Forest this afternoon to check out the situation. Ghost Cabin is still thriving and we've now got a beautiful collection of logs and firewood.

This place is the actually the greatest place on earth.

This Session 2 crew is packed with so many of my favorite people-- Meric, Maddie, Shub, Sav, Hools, John Kay-- they're pretty fantastic. Tonight I cried from laughter watching Sav during just dance, got all the Seniors to drink Mt. Dew at 11 o'clock, facilitated the grand finale of the Just Dance competition and reminisced with Hools about RFAJWD and Torchbearer situations. God bless Camp T.

Honorary Blog Title
"I've always dreamed that the Senior trip is actually a trip to Hawaii."

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