Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"I feel alive." Best Day Ever. Chicago Holland Indianapolis. Happy Maddie's Birthday.

Before School:
Maddie's 16 today!!!!! I picked her up at 6am and took her to IHOP for breakfast. Little did she know that Cami, Shub, Hools and Smelko were all there to celebrate too. Plus, Smelko brought a birthday balloon because balloons are hype.

"One of my goals for this year is to stay awake for an entire week."

We all shared something we love about Maddie, put candles in her pancakes and sang Happy Birthday before she made a wish. Oh holy, we love Maddie. She's one of the greats and so worthy of celebrating.

During breakfast
Me: Are you really going to see Alaina today?
Smelko: Yes. I'm picking her up with other Wilderness guides in Chicago and taking them to Holland, MI. 
Me: What the heck. I want to come. 
Smelko: Ok, come!
Me: I have to work, I can't.
Smelko: Ok. 

30 minutes later
I text Smelko: I'M COMING WITH YOU
Smelko texts: SARAH WHAT
Me: There was an unassigned sub in the building. So I'm coming. Just printed out lesson plans.

9:11 2nd Period
Music. Coffee. Two pals on an adventure. Chicago here we come. Happy birthday Maddie!

11:30 4th Period
Pit stop at Portillo's for the world's best hot dogs and Diet Coke

Happy birthday Maddie!

12:30 5th Period
Arrive at Gas Light coffee to find Guide Girls Tina, Alaina and Allison waiting at the counter drinking coffee
Smelko greets all the pals and Alaina still doesn't see me for a second, then turns around and freaks out (p.s. Alaina was one of my two amazing guides on Wilderness in Colorado this past summer)

p.s. Have you heard the Cubs are in the World Series? We must be good luck because they won their game tonight

Passing Period
Walking around Chi Chi City with the Guide Girls
[Sidenote: It's a beautiful thing how these girls love one another, how they spend their summers loving groups of campers and leaders selflessly and how they enthusiastically welcomed me in today. They are phenomenal humans.]

Happy birthday Maddie!

"Chi Chi City loves shawls. The City of Industry!"

1:20 6th Period
Giordano's for garlic cheese bread and stuffed deep dish pepperoni pizza

"I'm going to do the bathroom trick. I'll go to the bathroom. That'll make the food come."

Extra credit for the cheese pull

"We came all the way to Chicago to go to Target." Cubs gear for everyone

"Let's live 10% more dangerously so life with be 90% more thrilling." Today was maybe 15% more dangerous, maybe 20%

Happy birthday Maddie!

Sometimes, when you're surrounded by the best of the best kind of people you can literally feel that your heart is full. So much happy. Today was one of those days the entire day.

After School Activities
Car full of Guide Girls. Chicago Rush Hour. Rain. Holland here we come.

 "We're horribly dedicated to one another."

"After I finished my first week of babysitting and made $500 I sat in my car, turned on Drake and just threw around my 5 $100 bills."

"Yesssss. You're an adult and you're doing it--you're doing cool and spontaneous things."

Holland, MI. Dropped off Marissa, Tina, Allison and Alaina at Bethany's cottage with their guide friends. Said good bye to sweet Alaina. Surprised my sister Katie and the boys. Surprised my parents. Ran into Dimnent Chapel and found my bench to show Smelko.

Back on the road with Smelks. Snacks from Dave and Beth. Deep talks about Young Life, teenagers, self-awareness, genuine friendship, freedom in Jesus. Listening to Stolen Black Cars and the best of Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Made it home after curfew. Best Maddie's Bday ever. Totally worth it.

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