Monday, October 3, 2016

"I might be accidentally dieting, I eat pudding all the time." Clubhouse takes Camp T Day 1

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally arrived. It's the very best week of the school year-- CAMP T FIELD TRIP WEEK!

Here's a look into how day 1 played out...

Greet the buses with Ellyn as they arrive to the River Village...

While kids eat their lunches at their cabins, Kate and Megan take their vegan food to the kitchen. Cassidy is ready because her group, Birthday Bash, is about to start the party.

I'm so excited to see my students, like these gal pals, at Tecumseh all week long and to be my camp self for five days straight.

Have you heard that Ellyn is a cabin parent this session? It's true. And she's rocking cabin 13 with counselors Cassidy, Linnea, Kaylee and Liz. Talk about a crew. I'm declaring myself an honorary member.

After hanging up cabin and table rosters we stopped by the mini farm to visit some of our favorite friends.

Then we found our human friends Sophia and Olivia with their study groups.

We were quite famished mid afternoon so we cooked up some Ramen Cups to take with us on our walk to Lake Village. (Why haven't we done this before?!?!)

We found Megan and her kids beside the beautiful Richard G. Marsh Lake. Meg told me, "I love being a counselor even more than I love being vegan." Biggest compliment ever.

The hills were alive with the sound of children's laughter and learning.

 We made a stop at our second mini farm of the day to see the rest of our favorite farm animals.

Hands down, the highlight of the night was the first Just Dance competition of the week. Individual points, team points, Cassidy and Kaylee's dancing, 7th grade boys dancing, 7th grade girls facial expressions. It's the greatest thing and I can't wait for three more nights of it.

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