Sunday, October 9, 2016

"The boy I danced with last night was wearing red velvet pants."

Highs of the weekend

1. Shenanigans with Maddie when we got back home from Camp T
2. Watching Fudge, Sophia, Hannah, Hools, Olivia, Kegs, Carol and Hannah on homecoming court
3. Getting attacked with hugs from Haleigh and Jillian in the stands
4. Hugging Johnna after being apart for a week and catching up
5. Gray Wolf cabin reunion with Big Cookie and our new fav Pizza Hut
6. Patachou brunch with Cami, Mads, Jillian, Line and Haleigh

7. Painting canvases for pals
8. Dinner date and The Girls of the Garden Club
9. Church, errands and adventure day with Cass

10. Spontaneously seeing Sarah Kennedy
11. Exploring Holliday Park with Cass and Syd and getting Nicey popsicles

12. Dinner at the Halkyards-- I love this family
13. A mailbox full of letters and even a potato from Ellen Baker

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