Thursday, October 27, 2016

"I picked #14 because of Troy Bolton."

Dear Johnna,
What did I ever do without you? This friendship was meant to happen. I loved having you sub at the Clubhouse today so that our paths could overlap multiple times. You're silly and compassionate and relational and kind and sympathetic and brave and all about the things that really matter. I'm already better for knowing you. And your new cheer girls are so gosh darn lucky to have you as a coach-- I wish I could be on that team. 

Dear FBC Gang,
7th graders-- I'm so impressed with you already. I love that you're working so hard to figure out these patterns, staying focused even when it's tricky and being your goofy, enthusiastic selves.
8th graders-- You're my kind of people and some of the best Falcons in the building. I hate not having you in class this year, so I love this hour of the week when we get to hang. Thank you for teaching the other girls, for helping me clean up and for making FBC so much fun.
Freshmen-- I'm so glad you came to visit today. You are some of the greatest friendship bracelet makers of your time and I love that you're still doing it. You never really grow up, so keep making friendship bracelets, making time for your friends and making each day worthy of a party. 

Dear Pen Pal gals, 
I'm going to go ahead and make a bold statement-- this could be my greatest year of pen pals yet. The envelopes. The letters. The speedy turn-around of correspondence. The random things you send in your notes. This writing revolution is a strong one. I love that our letters are criss-crossing the country making postal workers smile everywhere when they see your colorful handwriting and drawings. 

Dear Hools, Mads and Han,
It was just the best to be reunited tonight-- Han we're so glad you're back from Bama even if it's a quick visit. You're some of the greats my friends. I love that each of you care so much about your friends, that you strive to be yourself and that you want to see Jesus more. I pray that you will always find your identity and purpose in Him no matter where life takes you. Love each of you so much. Thank you for making our lives overlap. 

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